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Who's celebrating Milo's and my sixth anniversary, besides us, of course?

Asked by gailcalled (54456points) April 18th, 2014

Here’s what we did for the first, fourth, and fifth. We’re getting a little complaisent. Any reasonable suggestions for putting the spark back?

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Six years ago today, Milo arrived in his sedan chair, carried by his then-slaves, with huge amounts of luggage and accoutrements. I was a very reluctant first-time cat owner, as most of you will remember. After a rocky beginning and some excellent couples’ therapy however, we have been happy and able to purr along really nicely.

Looking back, he’s the one with four knees and I got to have knee surgery; he’s a lot smaller and still gets to be the boss; he gets all the royalty checks and I had all the good ideas. Why is life so unfair?

Please send all gifts to my attention only, please This year the 8/12×11” signed glossy will be of me and not that attention-hogging 13 lb. fluff ball with the sharp nails.

(MIlo here; Boy, is she not aging well.)

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Have the catnip brownies and smoked mouse arrived?

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Gail here; If they did, I certainly haven’t seen them!

(Milo here; Really delicious, thank you, Seek. Next time just a tad more fresh dill on the mouse, though.)

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I have ordered bright sunbeams to enlighten and warm Milo’s napping areas especially for today.

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Milo here; No one but me noticed that Gail misspelled “complaisant”?

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Wow. It’s been that long? Crazy. And think how long you spent without the honor of having the company of a cat. Lucky you.

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Frodo here: @Milo – Hope she treats you better than my friendbeast treats me! I’m thinking of breaking up with her.

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Milo here: @Frodo; Just make sure she has a signed and witnessed will leaving you as sole beneficiary before you do any kind of “breaking up.”

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Congratulations! Surrounded by three dogs right now. If you need a break from the festivities, Milo, you are welcome to come over and terrorize them within reason.

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^^ What’s for dinner?

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Nothing, apparently. My fridge is empty. Can I interest you in some kibble? Also, one of the dogs is extremely small…

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Congratulations you crazy kids. Still together after all these years. Love to you both.

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