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Do you really use your iPod touch or iPhone as MP3 player?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I actually only use it to surf the web, in a few days to buy some cool apps, I have an iPod shuffle to go out in my bike I’d anything else, how about you?

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yes, i did all the time at school on the bus to class. it’s great for videos given the widescreen capabilities

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Yeah. I use my iPod on my phone when I’m in the car, at work, and at the gym. Its so great to only have to carry one device.

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Yep. Both iPhone & iPod. If I’m going to spend that much money, I’m going to for sure use all the features.

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Oh yes. My Ipod Nano gives my iPhone dirty looks all the time.

Now I got a Touch free with my MBP. What to do now???

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Not only do I use the iPod on my iPhone, but I keep all 1202 of my pictures in it! Just so I can show off my baby girl and any other random pics, so I can email them on the fly!

I love showing off my beautiful baby girl!

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I use it at work when setting doors. It works like hearing protection and tunes.

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yes- especially while travelling. It is fantastic on an airplane or bus.

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I loved it for a recent trip to Mauii. I have used it for movies, audiobooks, videos, music, photo album, awesome callender for clients and schedules. I use everything on it and love it.

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I use my old iPod in the car as my sole music source, but my “Desert Island Discs” are on the iPhone for convenience if I go to the beach or get stuck somewhere and get bored.

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Yes. My life is worthless without my iPhone. I keep all my photos on it, which are thousands of miscellaneous subjects and people. Music? OMGWTFBBQ best feature on it. I use my iPhone to play music in the car, when I’m walking down the street, mowing the lawn.

What makes it even better is the headset, to answer calls by clicking one button and having it fade back to the music you were listening to before. I also love the feature to skip to the next song by double clicking the button on the headphones, freaking live saver.

Simply put, I use it for everything. Email – Phone – Web – iPod

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Here’s the thing-As big a fan of Apple products as I am (I own three iPods and an iPhone), I find that as of late, I’ve been using the music function less and less; the main reason is that I refuse to pay the prices for “owning” music; hopefully this won’t come off as promotion, but I have been subscribing to Rhapsody for the better part of a year, and with Rhapsody-compatible portable media players, you can download unlimited tracks to the player, for a flat $15 per month.

I recently purchased a wi-fi PMP player that is compatible with Rhapsody, as I know that Apple has no plans for acquiring any subscription-based model anytime soon. In the first week of owning said Rhapsody PMP, I have downloaded over 3500 tracks, and if you do the math, that adds up to the equivalent of about $3500 worth of downloads from iTunes.

Last year, I bought about $500 worth of music from iTunes, which translates to roughly 50 albums worth of music owned over the course of a year; with the Rhapsody subscription, I’m paying about 1/3 that price for unlimited access to 5 million tunes-legally, which can be accessed from any computer (streaming audio), and downloaded to my PMP. Now granted, you won’t find every single commercial release out on Rh, but I’m pretty pleased so far…

As famed Rock and Hip-Hop producer Rick Rubin said in a Rolling Stone interview (I’m paraphrasing), “Buying music is dead.” He basically feels that the future of digital music is in a subscription-based model. I’m starting to believe him, and I work in the music industry :)

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All the time.

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@ sndfreq: what happens when Rhapsody goes under and takes your rented, DRMed music with it?

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@sndfreQ: The future for digital music is buying songs at a reasonable price.

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I didn’t even own the most basic of the iPod family so I was thrilled when I got my iPhone. I’ve probably already said it here, but it was kind of a reward for not replacing my car when it died and to take the bus instead. My forty minute daily commute now takes me three hours, so it’s nice to carry a little entertainment in my pocket.

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@sndfreq, theres no way rhapsody can last with prices like the ones you are using. it just cant happen.

and sndfreq, your post doesnt have much to do with the question either

and why do you have to get a different mp3 player? see here

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I would have to say that the iPod part of the iPhone is the feature I use the most.

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@waterskier2007: The question was about whether or not the iPhone/iPod Touch was being used as an .mp3 player (consuming music); I stated that for me, not so much, as I have turned to a subscription-based media player for the reasons I stated above (cost of ownership, access to music). To me, those are big selling points for media players-the accessibility to content.

Back in a “former life” when Napster was rampant, this was a non-issue as most savvy folks built up their libraries into the thousands of files for free. Honestly, after two years of buying a la carte, I can’t see any reason to “buy” music; and that is Apple’s main selling point for iPods-the ecosystem between the player and the retail store.

So in the end, I believe my post was relevant IMO; I use the iPhone mostly for email, web surfing, and occasional quasi-GPS for maps…only about 5 percent of my time on music (there’s your answer).

@PupnTaco: Rhapsody’s parent company Real has been around since 2001, that’s four years preceding iTunes Store (2005); I don’t think they’re going anywhere, but anything’s possible in this day and age. The PMP I own is not only Rh plays-for-sure compliant, but it can accept downloaded (owned) content in the following formats: Audio: AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, WMA, WAV; Video: MPEG-4, WMV, H 264; Images: JPEG, PNG; it also has an FM radio, bluetooth A2DP, and wi-fi and internet browser…and actually is compatible with all DRM-free .mp3 downloaded content.

@bluemukaki: Reasonable price-according to Steve Jobs-right? How many articles have you read where the major labels (and movie companies to boot) are pissed at Jobs for fixed pricing? My previous post was intended to point out the cost of ownership between a comparably loaded iPod and a subscription-based PMP.

@waterskier2007: concerning Rhapsody’s recent venture into downloadable .mp3s: I realize they’re following suit with other 3rd-party stores (Amazon and WalMart set the tone)...but alas, all of this recent trend is really a reaction to the DRM of iTunes and AAC; even Apple is caving in to their own interests with respect to their Lossless downloads (iTunes Plus). Truth be told, many Rh subscribers use their PMPs in both fashions-subscription and downloading of purchased music/content. Even if Rh eventually does go under, the PMP can be used for a variety of formats-so I guess it just becomes like any other PMP….

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Actually, the main selling point for the iPod (in my opinion) is its elegant design, intuitive interface, and simple file-management process.

I almost never buy music from the iTunes Store. Haven’t in over a year, actually.

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@sndfreQ: No I actually think iTunes is too expensive also, the point is that renting something like music is a strange way to buy something that is so personal to you, it’s like renting your clothes.

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Yeah I tried that Rhapsody music and I wasn’t as happy with it as I am with my ipod and the way that system works. Matter of fact my ipod shuffle some how disappeared into my sons room never to be returned. LOL! Yep we love our ipods for music.

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Yes, I do. It has very good sound quality and the screen is absolutely great for movies.

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