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Women, do you like men to wear a pink necktie or pink shirt?

Asked by Aster (18382points) April 20th, 2014

I think men of any age look adorable in a pale pink shirt and darker pink necktie. I’m twisted. Any other women feel this way? Or do you think pink is too “girly” for men?

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I am not a woman, but I don’t think pink is too “girly” for men. And in fact, the notion that pink is a feminine color is of relatively recent origin.

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I don’t think you are twisted! I do like a light pink shirt. Not sure about the tie. Maybe another color or mixed colors to go with it.

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I like it.

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I think it looks nice.

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I like it especially on specific complexions. But in order to pull it off a guy has to have a refined taste in clothes and the confidence to feel comfortable in it.

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Around here (DC), a lot of guys are stylish in kind of a preppy way, so pink shirts and ties are pretty popular. There’s even a trend where twentysomething guys are wearing pink pants. (Mint green is also popular, ugh.)

I think it’s because of the specific environment we have here. So many people work for the government or government contractors, so business casual is kind of the uniform. But up-and-comers in the business world also want to show that they’re outgoing and gregarious.

So you get the phenomenon of the carefully-tailored business suit with the pink tie, pink shirt, or pink pocket square. On a twenty- or thirtysomething guy, that look is a nod to conservatism. It says that he respects the generation that came before him (usually his parents and their cronies, or his boss and their cronies. With networking and nepotism, there’s a lot of overlap.) But the little bit of pastel pink or mint green is like a wink; it says he’s fun and not afraid to break a few rules in the right time and place. For instance, this hypothetical pink tie guy might subtly angle for a raise while getting hammered with his boss at an expensive steak restaurant.

The look says that you’re smart, business-savvy, and ever-so-slightly a bit of a maverick. Every young guy in the corporate world wants to be seen this way, so the look is pretty common. I think pink on guys is a really nice look, but around here it’s been totally taken over by douchebags.

This answer makes it seem like I have a really overactive imagination, but I’ve talked to enough guys who are like this, and ugh, it’s real.

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@Haleth I think they prefer the term salmon for their pants.

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@SavoirFaire You’re right, and wow. What a bro-fest.

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I actually find men in pink quite a turn off generally.

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Speaking of colored pants can we get off the colored and patterned jeans. Oh and there is a new polyester.. viscose I think it is called. Not sure how it feels to wear it or whether it peels or breathes… Not eager to try it out either.

Edit it is rayon…

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