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What are some good Sweet 16 themes?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) February 23rd, 2011

I am having a Sweet 16 in one year and I need a great theme that is fun, girly, and exciting for me! Some of my favorite things are animals, pink, jewelry, and other girly things. I had a Jungle theme but my mom said to come up with a few other ideas… What can you come up with?
p.s. my birthday is in June!

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The world of fantasy and have an Avatar looking party. One with lights and wonderful fantasy sounding music.

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Enchantment Under the Sea. She’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. ;-)

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I never had a sweet 16 :( but I always wanted one!!! I thought a casino theme would be super fun, have like blackjack and poker and other casino games. Or just an elegant silver diamond theme with those fake little plastic diamond looking things on the tables.

Now a days I think a rave theme would be awesome (minus the drugs of course ;) ) with flashing lights and loud music, so much fun :)

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A forever young party.

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@dreamer31… that sounds like a really good theme! what would I do for that theme though? what decorations/Grand Entrance/ etc.. ?

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What about “If I could turn back time” theme. Do a timeline of your life so far, all the things that have happened—serious stuff, like world events, science, politics, etc. and fun stuff, like celebrities, music, sports, fashion, television shows, fads. Drop personal stuff into the timeline, like school stuff, friends, family vacations, pets,

Starting on your 15th birthday, have your parents take a picture of you every day. You can use that as a “countdown to Sweet 16” graphic, and use some of the images for the invitation. Decorate the space by years, with pictures to represent the events, fads, etc. and personal stuff about you.

You could have your guests come as something or someone from each of the last 15 years, like a costume party. Decorate the entrance with the pictures of you from this year, and use the pictures in flowers as a table graphic. Get a photographer or a photobooth so people can get pictures. Maybe have some pictures of you with a group blown up large and have face holes cut so people can be “dropped” into the picture.

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@Julietxx3 the ideas above ^^^ are pretty good. I would have pictures of “being little” everywhere, and a movie slide of growing up, incorporating your favorite music , tv, ect.. up to the age 16. you know, the things you have grown out of The photo booth idea is awesome.

I would also include all of my favorite foods and snacks from when I was little. If you want to, you could go as far as to have everyone dress up as what they wanted to be “when they grow up”, or cartoon characters.

I could go on forever, but I don’t think you can go wrong with all the personal touches about you, that you can include. Have fun!!

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That’s a good idea, but its not really something I would do… sorry : (. I really want and actual theme where I can decorate the ball room with specific things. for example, for my jungle theme, I was going to have exotic birds in wooden cages surrounded by tall grass and tropical flowers as the center pieces, i had an amazing turquoise, Cheetah print dress ready to order ( ) and i was going to walk in with a 10ft long boa ! It would have been amazing ! but my mom doesnt like animals.. so she said to come up with a few Ideas so we can pick from a bunch… I am very girly, i was also considering a Barbie or princess theme! i want something that is creative, but still me!

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Are you planning on inviting boys, or is this an all-girl affair? Barbie/princess themes will keep the boys away. What kind of budget did your parents give you?

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yeah boys are coming, but the princess fairy tale theme just means i wear a big poofy dress, a crown and have a big castle cake,, etc. and the same idea for the barbie theme (its like more of a niki manaj thing.) and my parents didn’t really give me a budget.

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You need a budget first. The poofy dress/barbie thing sounds more like a 5 year old’s birthday party idea. Unless you mean it to be a joke.

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no ? have you ever watched my super sweet 16 ? its like… im the princess for the night and i can get like a cinderella carriage.. people do it all the time. not as a joke an its a really beautiful party. look up ariel’s sweet 16 on my super sweet 16.
and my parents didn’t give me a budget because i don’t need one. its a once in a life time party so i can spend as much as i want to.

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If you’re looking to go with a Cheetah print, these are some good ones.

Tell mom the animal prints are okay, they’re actually one of the biggest trends this year!

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