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Would you care to share a Fave website/blog you've been addicted to the past few days?

Asked by zenzen (4082points) April 20th, 2014
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Kissass torrent blog.

It’s not really my favorite, but I’ve requested something there and now I have to observe the progress.

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Is it okay to say Fluther?

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@PhiNotPi I didn’t say Fluther because it’s too obvious :D And beside, I’ve been addicted to Fluther for half a year now (which doesn’t count since the phrase “for the past few day” is presented)

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I’ve been on io9 a lot lately. Lots of cool science/sci fie posts.

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Edited: it’s Kickass, not Kissas :(

Unbroken's avatar picked up this mag looking for airline reading material. I didn’t end up reading it in flight but picked it up later.

Looked up the website about 4 days ago. Which is technically longer then a couple days. But there you go.

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I’ve spent hours reading the descriptions of cycle touring that you can find here

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hmmm my link doesn’t seem to work properly above. Here we are

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It’s a facebook page called I Fucking Love Science Got some of the coolest and weirdest things I have ever seen. I also check out High Existance everyday.

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