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Any tips for SUP (Stand up paddle boarding) techniques, do's and dont's and purchase?

Asked by zenzen (4057points) April 20th, 2014

Just trying it out.

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Rent first, wider and longer are better. Start out paddling on protected cove or bay, less wave action. Enjoy yourself.

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The firmer the board, the better the ride.

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Is that like the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin׳?

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@zenzen No, it’s a literal statement, with full knowledge that there’s a double entendre in there. :D

I went SUP with rented inflatables. The pump they provided us was too weak to get the board up to its recommended psi, so that made for a morning of really dramatic flopping around- by both the board and me. I ended up enjoying myself while sit-down paddling for half of the day to avoid ruining the trip. Later, I tried a rigid board—much, much, MUCH better.

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I’ve only done the rigid one. About three times now and getting better.

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