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Any jelly birthday parties? Who is having a birthday soon?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20071points) April 25th, 2014

Any birthday cakes ready?

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(mine’s not until October) but I like this question. I wish we celebrated (at least monthly) birthdays here.

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Less than 2 weeks I will be old 54

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Don’t let @cookieman know, he’ll eat all the cakes & still have room for a whale omelette.

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I prefer (aside from cookies) fried walrus wafers.

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We held a surprise party for the wife 2 weeks ago, quite a job keeping the secret for so long, you women need to know everything that goes on.
A fun time was had by all…hoorah!

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I’m turning 19 in 69 days. I never do much for my birthday, though. I’m usually busy anyway.

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I’m turning 19 on Wednesday. (April 30th)

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Oh screw you 19 year olds…haha Oh, to be 19 again!

Happy almost B-Day everyone!

@Cruiser I turned 54 last Dec. 26. Hey…5+4 = 9!
Go buy yourself an erector set…no Viagra needed. lolol

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Mine’s not a month passed.
Viewed one way it seems like months.
Doesn’t feel like years.
Viewed another way, seem like decades.

I wish you a Happy Birthday, @dxs. I will not remember your birthday, but I think I wished you were my brother somewhere on Fluther today.
Many happy more, @AshLeigh. May we be here to help you through the kids!

@Coloma is looking to screw a 19 yo boi toy! Maybe a sweet transvestite?

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Remember to throw a party @AshLeigh!

And by the way I’m turning nineteen in May. I’ll make sure you all have to attend my party!

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—@ibstubro Oh toucha toucha toucha me…I wanna be dirrrrty….lol—-

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Hooray! Just did a quick calculation and found out only 30 days left before my birthday!

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Is your birthday May 26?

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@Brian1946 Umm… Yeah.

Be sure to attend my party!

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Mine’s gone. Was the same day as Rinoa’s.

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Also, tomorrow is my 3 year Fluther birthday!

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Now that’s an “offer” I can’t refuse. I’ll be wearing my body armor in your honor.

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@AshLeigh Hey! I’ll remember that. Throw a party for us tomorrow!

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I can’t throw my own party. That’s tacky!

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@Coloma My sister was born on the same day and now explains your proclivities for all things Bohemian! :P

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