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Volvo SUV?

Asked by zanyo1 (75points) July 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I am thinking about buying one. Has anyone had a good/bad experience with one? Is it a German car?

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It´s swedish. And it´s supposed to be a very safe car to drive. Quite good looking too. But in my opinion before buying a SUV you should consider if you really do need the ability to drive outside paved roads. Will you in fact use those abilities? Almost any SUV is a less environmentally (and econonically) friendly choice than a smaller car.

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exactly, why do you want to buy an USV ? i mean, if it’s because you live in a remote forest then i can understand, but if you live in the subs. just buy a volvo, but not an SUV, it’s not as big but has the same storage space

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Yep, the xc90 is HUGE (i love it but, I mean, is way to big for me (or anyone), & kind of expensive keeping it), it depends on your needs… It’s a great car, safe, good looking etc. But you can consider other options, the BMW X3 is a compact SUV, beautiful, cheaper than the volvo, not that big, less petrol comsumption, as safe as the volvo, big enough for a full family, comfortable, great for a road trip, and very, very fancy, before you hit the dealer, check the options :)

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Check out the latest Consumer Report, if you’re in the USA. If you do need a small SUV (as I do in order to get home when snow and ice cover everything), the hottest one is now the Subaru Forester – none of the small SUVS get better than 21 mpg, but I couldn’t get out in the winter w/o one.

And I do live in a remote forest; so does everyone else around here. (Two years ago my snow plow guy slid off drive into woods, and then quit. 57 miles of dirt roads here.)

New Forester has more room in the back and great visibility. Forget the bells and whistles. I tried a small car with expensive snow tires and got stuck a lot.

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thanks for all the info. I don’t live in a remote area but I do have two 90+lbs dogs that we take to the lake and beach about every weekend. I also am remodeling several homes right now and constantly moving furniture. The BMW X3 is too small. I have had 2 BMW X5s. I just wondered if anyone had had any trouble with one. I appreciate your help.

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Why dont you think about hybrid model suvs. In the world of increasing fuel cost a hybrid model can save you.
Here is the list of all available hybrid suvs

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