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What Bluetooth headphones work well with the iPhone?

Asked by mgs (6points) July 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

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I’d like to know myself. I got my wife a jawbone and she’s had problems with it. I don’t like the sound quality of it either. Too bad because it wasn’t exactly cheap.

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Anyhead set with bluetooth will work however so better than others I use a motorola and it works good

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if you’re referring to headphone’s to listen to music, last I checked, the iPhone doesn’t support bluetooth headphones. (if another flutherite knows differently, please feel free to correct me)

Bluetooth headsets for phone calls are a different story, as any headset will work.

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actually Bsilver there is a program that u can download that allows u to use ur b.t. Headset to listen to music but I’ve never used it bcuz it just didnt appeal to me

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you can’t put downloaded programs onto your iPhone unless you jailbreak, i was referring to an un-jailbroken iPhone, there’s a lot of things you can do with a jailbroken iPhone, I just prefer to wait for the update, or until a solution comes out that is official. (call me crazy)

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@Bsilver – you’re not crazy, just cautious. Some people don’t like to experiment, I don’t blame you. The iPhone is an expensive investment. I’ve found that anything I’ve done to my phone (in terms of jailbreaking) to be completely reversible, just in case you’re curious.

@elman – what program are you talking about? I have been looking for one for months, and I assumed there was none. Can you give a name?

And finally, to answer the original question, I think he’s referring to bluetooth headsets, not headphones- and almost any modern headset works with the iPhone, but I’ve found the Apple model and the Jawbone models consistently outperform most others, both in terms of ease of use, and in terms of sound/voice quality.

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I was actually referring to headphones for listening to music. Ive read up on a couple but couldn’t really find out if they were iPhone compatible.

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NONE The iPhone doesn’t support bluetooth music headphones.

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as I had stated earlier, see, I know what I’m talking about sometimes…

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can some1 get Bsilver a cookie..he answered a question right…lmao

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@ jballou I forgot to name bcuz i didnt download it to my phone but I’ll let u Ono as soon as.i find out

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ooh, elman25, how deliciously snide of you…

While someone gets me that cookie, how about someone get elman25 the fluther guidelines on using textspeak, they’re a real hoot, and I’m feeling kind of lazy on my iPhone today

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Since I decided after the fact to provide you the link, and lost the ability to edit my response…

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Ohhhhhhh Bsilver…hahawow! Sry. I hurt ur feelings there buddddy! But honestly if u really have enought time to post fluther guidelines then I’m sure its safe to assume u have more than enough time to try and get me kicked off enjoy that cookie and work on getting that life ur moms always complaning about

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oh. Believe me, it takes a lot more than the likes of you to hurt my feelings, as if you even thought you came close, I simply said your response to my second post was snide, that doesn’t imply insult, now does it?

And that getting a life jab? (ow that hurt by the way, no wait, it didn’t…) this coming from the person who attacks peoples responses? Oh yeah, that’s mature. (and before you even mention my responses to you, let’s point out the difference between attacking someone, and defnding ones self)

Maybe if you had as much time as I do at work, you’d be on fluther too, but then the difference is, I’m hoping that users don’t flagrantly abuse the leniency of the moderators when they violate the terms each user agreed to when joining the community.

Try a bit harder next time, maybe you’ll get it one of these days

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