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Does anyone else the the new iPhone is a tad Uglyer?

Asked by MrBlogger (382points) August 30th, 2008

Does anyone else think the plastic back is a bit uglyer. Very rare for Apple, usually I become inlove with everyone of their products.

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I the so too.

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I totally agree, I liked the old one’s back a lot better.

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I think it’s kind of neat (the plastic that is)...I own neither of them…I have this one instead (I like mine more)

Also, I have a 5.0 mega pixel in mine =)
I also, have not seen any other person with the same phone as mine. I guess that just makes my phone more unique than the iphone =)

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Haha cool phone. Its pretty nice and I like sonys batteries. I just dont really care about phones with cameras. Im into photography so I never really use a mobile camera

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@MrBlogger, if you’re into photography, wouldn’t that make you want to use mobile cameras more?

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@MrMontpetit No since Im all about quality :) My cameras pretty good.

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you see, I am not HUGE into photography, but whenever I go out with friends, I always hated carrying around an extra piece of electronic gadetry in my pocket, so I combined the two.

@mrmontpetit my phone isn’t quite up to par with an SLR I think is what he meant.

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Yeah. I love all in one devices. Soon phones will have 12 Megapixel cameras :p

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I love the new iPhone. In black. Not white.

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I agree with the new black iPhone looking better than the new white iPhone, but I still think the old iPhone is better than both.

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5 megapixel camera phone, haha. Megapixels do not mean anything.

Now, what they did with the iPhone 3G I love. I had the first generation and now the 3G. The plastic feels much better in your hand, much better for reception and other signals.

By the way – white iPhone 3G all the way!

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Your right about the signal strength but I llove the look anf feel of the older iPhone. Oh poo i guess its just me.

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I liked the metal back better.

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Black is cool, I like the feel of it. It seems like a much warmer and human product than the metal backing. I just can’t stand the look of the white back however, it looks so out of place when you look at it with the black front part- it’s kinda like having a pink iPod- it screams pansy.

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Thats exactly how I felt about the white iPhone! It just doesnt go with the black front

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HEY, i like my white iPhone, to me apple is all about white, although the black front and white back are a bit out but i think it looks great

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The white one is beautiful!

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@crunch I know mega pixel doesn’t mean everything, but when you compare my 5.0 mega pixel to any other normal phone with a 1.3, it’s a night and day difference….Also, I put mine into a camera mode, and it has every feature a sony cybershot has in it. you can even compare the 5.0 to the apple’s picture quality, if you intend to ever enlarge a photo, use it for any sort of wall paper, the mega pixel will become a bit of an issue…..I do know at some degree it is wasted though, somewhere around 4–6 mega pixel.

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the 3G is slightly wider too; liked my metal back better for it’s aesthetic value-seemed more robust, more industrial like the iMac and Mac Pro.

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I felt like the metal made it a gadget, where the plastic makes it a toy. It’s a fine distinction, but I hate all-plastic devices because they feel like throwaways. The fact that the 3G is wider also bugs me, but I wouldn’t have switched anyway (it isn’t that different).

Also, the white is atrocious and should be eliminated. It looks like a mistake.

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I don’t know. The metal was actually more fragile and got scratched allot easier. Sometimes crumbs or dirt would stick in the middle of the metal rim and the screen. The iPhone 3G fixed both those problems. There’s a little space in between the metal rim and the screen so nothing can get stuck and the back doesn’t show scratches unless its really big.

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I really don’t care about the look of it or the plastic feel. But I do find the weight difference something to care about, the old iPhone is a little bit heaver. For some reason if a product has a little big more girth to it I like it more. This was the same way when the new PSP came out (which also weighed a little bit less then the previous model).

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I like products a little bit heavy. Its feels nice. I dont know why.

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I agree. If something is too light it just kind of feels like a toy to me.

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I agree-also the fact that the iPhone is thinner than most smartphones, coupled with the weight, made the original feel sleek yet substantial. Somehow, my new iPhone 3G feels cheap when “naked” and the effect of dressing it up with a cover helps to add the impression of weight/heft, even if it means making it look thicker.

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The iPhone 3Gs plastic back was made to less interfere with the iPhones wireless abilities. Plastic doesn’t interfere like metal does.

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I think the plastic is much nicer to the touch than the aluminum was. It is also less prone to slide out of your hand me thinks, subjective though of course….

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