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Is corn gluten bad for diagnosed celiacs?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) April 27th, 2014

I have never heard of the distinction between corn gluten and other glutens. But I was checking out tic tacs to see if they were gluten free and they said on their website faq that they contained corn gluten but not wheat rye or barley glutens. Should I stay away from this product?

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Almost all grains have gluten—corn gluten, for example, works well as a fertilizer and a weed suppressor, while glutinous rice appears in many Thai dishes. However, those grains—and the gluten in them—are perfectly safe for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity (also known as gluten intolerance).


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Thanks @whitenoise I guess I should know this already. I just have focused on learning what I can’t have, how to cook without it, esp. bake. and how to navigate the social and travel world as safely as I can. Instead of learning about the actual disease. Because the repercussions are mostly very obvious to me and the most helpful.

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Funny for this Question to come up… just yesterday, we were looking at cat treats in the pet store and we saw corn gluten as an ingredient, and were surprised. My mother was diagnosed with celiac disease more than 10 years ago, and is able to eat corn breads and pastas, etc., so I suppose that it must somehow be different.

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Celiacs is hereditary in my family, my own mother and sister also diagnosed celiacs have corn intolerances. Both were diagnosed before me. I wonder if it has something to do with corn gluten. Hard to say.

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I help a family with a Celiac son shop for reasonably priced food, and I know that they make pastas from corn for Celiac diets?

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I’m not a Celiac, but am extremely intolerant to gluten. Corn is a cross-reactive food.

Of the list offered in the link above, the only foods I can personally eat with a minimal reaction (if eaten in moderation) are coffee, potato (some varieties cause stronger reactions) and tapioca. All of the rest are avoided at all costs.

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@ibstubro it is dependent upon the person. I rarely have a problem with corn because I do my best to avoid gmo foods. By the book corn is not immediately off the list if you are celiac.

@SpatzieLover Awesome my naturopath diagnosed with me leaky gut, which my doctor diagnosed as microscopic colitis since leaky gut is such a controversial topic. Most of the time I can monitor my health well being by diet, rotation diet. But this list makes it easier to understand and less of an issue. I am “intolerant” or sensitive to more then a handful of foods on that list.

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Good info. @Unbroken. I just call my friends when I see something Celiac cheap. We all have to get by. I try to avoide GMO foods, too.

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