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Does this recipe contain Gluten?

Asked by Yanivi (42points) May 26th, 2010

I’m cooking for guests and wanted to prepare this. I realize I need something in place of the flour, but what should I use? Do any of the other ingredients have Gluten?


6 eggs, separated
100 g (3½oz, ½ cup) sugar
100 g (3½oz, 1 cup) ground coconut
140 g (5 oz, 1 cup) sifted flour
270 g (10 oz, 2½ cups) semolina
25 g (1 oz, 1½ tablespoons) ground almonds
20 g (2 small sachets, 4 teaspoons) baking powder
240 ml (8½ fl oz, 1 cup) oil
360 ml (13 fl oz, 1½ cup) freshly squeezed orange or tangerine juice
2 teaspoons grated orange zest
240 ml (8½ fl oz, 1 cup) orange or lemon marmalade

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Use potato flour

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Semolina has gluten in it, as well.

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I think that it’s also a combination of things…like flour, sugar and water.

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Wow, thanks! I guess I need to find a different gluten free desert to serve… Too bad.

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I thought I would let you know that many gluten free products are coming out, including cake mixes and things like that by Betty Crocker but I see you want to cook from scratch. It might not help you immediately, not sure how much time you have, but BabyCakes is THE BEST vegan gluten free recipes out there. Their brownies were voted best in NY, against “regular” brownies, and they are amazing! They have a recipe book that you can find at any book store

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I just wanted to point out that I hope you are going through this trouble because at least one person really is gluten-sensitive and not just to be “proper” to the style of your guests. I’m aware that there really are people with celiac disease, but it is a very small proportion of the population. There are many more people who think they are gluten sensitive, than actually are.

Of course, any controlled diet, disease or no, can benefit digestion and improve overall health, so I suppose it’s really not a bad way to go.

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In addition to potato flour, perhaps rice flour is also a viable alternative.

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This person is doing some kind of diet where she systematically removes foods from her diet and reintroduces to see why she’s had digestive problems for so long, that’s the story… Looks like the best thing to do is check out Whole Foods’ gluten free prepared foods section! Next time I’ll be better prepared thanks to y’all.

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