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How do i look to you in appearance?

Asked by boristhemanishere (17points) April 29th, 2014

I mean you can see me in my pic.

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Fluther does not like text speak.

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You look like an average Joe, 20 something, maybe 30, not bad looking, not outstanding, a blend with the crowd kinda face. Actually, you kinda look like Son of Sam. lol

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You look about 5’ 10” 182. Healthy, well groomed

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22 years old, nice neat ears close to your head and 5’10.”

Taller than both your parents and a little apprehensive but someone who remembers mother’s day.

I’d have let you hang out with my daughter when she was 21.

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@Coloma Ha! He totally does. More attractive than Son of Sam, though.

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Just fine! It is probably confidence that you need rather than our opinion.

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Nervous, forced smile, kinda like Pee Wee’s slightly more mature brother.

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You look really stoned. If I was that short I would get high too.

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Nice, neat ears? Haha, I love jellies.

I can’t really see your pic because I’m half blind and it’s so small, but you look like most people. 2 arms, 2 legs. I know you’re 5’10”

Why are you asking? There’s a website that is pretty brutal called Hot or Not that can really do a number on your ego one way or another. Try it, and report back.

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