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Who hosts Fluther?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) July 3rd, 2008

I’m guessing Media Temple or Joyent, but I could be wrong. Has this ever been mentioned by the Admins before? Does anyone know? (Just out of interest.)

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We recently switched to Slicehost (and are pretty happy customers so far).

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Our hearts

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Sweet, I hadn’t heard of them before. Switched from where?

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We switched from ServerAxis.

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Slicehost look like a good host and I’ve seen them/recommended them before. Although I have no experience of them, sadly.

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Slicehost are great :) I found Fluther through their forum, too. Happy days.

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Well, hold your breath a bit… we’re waiting to see if they’re going to charge us for inter-slice traffic (which would be a deal-breaker for us).

We’ve been involved with them since the beginning, and since moving the main operation we’ve been very happy with them… but we’ll see. Check back tomorrow.

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Ah, I’ve heard of Slicehost before, the idea sounded very interesting, curious to your experiences :)

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Do a blog post on your experiences. :) Less of a “how’d they do that” and more of a “why’d they do that?”

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SliceHost are very cool. I’m looking at an account with either them or Joyent for something I’ve been planning. (In beta, right now.) Thanks for the tip.

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I used to use Joyent back when it was still TextDrive. It didn’t work out for me at the time because I couldn’t afford the better plans and the cheaper ones (the shared hosting ones) just weren’t cutting it for me.

I like the look of their new ‘accelerator’ hosting. Looks much better than the old TextDrive stuff but still a little pricey.

Make sure to let us know which you decide on and what you think!

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I will do, cheers. I’m currently on a Media Temple GS, and I’ve calculated that I’ll be able to cope with 900x the capacity of the current beta (20 users). My application is very calculation intensive. I think I’ll probably be outgrowing that pretty fast. :)

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We decided not to use Joyent since they’re running Solaris boxes, and while Ben and I have experience with Sun gear, I was tired of coming up against architecture snafus (on the mac) when compiling custom packages.

Of course, slicehost includes bandwidth between their machines in your total, so who knows; we may be switching in the future.

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@andrew, apparently they’re working on that

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@damien: I hope so. They made no mention of it when I complained, but that would be nice. They’re really great, other than that.

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*90. Not 900. That would be amazing.

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