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How do you set up a Rails app on Godaddy?

Asked by DrewJ (436points) May 18th, 2011

Has anyone here ever set up a Rails app on Godaddy? I just switched all my stuff over from Startlogic to Godaddy because Startlogic doesn’t support Rails. Now I’m finding it very hard to set up my rails app. Has anyone here ever done it? I’m following tutorials nline but nothing really seems to work for me, any pointers?

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1.Log in to your Account Manager.
2.From the Products section, click Web Hosting.
3.Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.
4.In the Content section of the Hosting Control Center, click the CGI Admin icon.
5.Click the Ruby tab.
6.In the Directory name text box, enter the directory of your Rails application, and then click Create.
7.Upload (FTP) your Rails application to the directory specified.

I hope I helped!

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Unless RoR has dramatically improved performance recently I wouldn’t do anything but play on GoDaddy. It might work but it will run like shit. Best to just get a VPS and use it. I just switched from MediaTemple to Linode and now I am not embarrassed by the performance. And it costs the same.

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@stupidcomedycenter Yea, I did that. Doesn’t seem to be enough. My app still doesn’t work.

@johnpowell That’s exactly what I’m doing. Just playing.

I’m learning Rails and am trying to upload things I made. To test Godaddy, I’ve actually downloaded an opensource URL shortener coded in Rails to install. That way, i know that the problems aren’t in my bad coding. Other people have installed this app elsewhere just fine.

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@DrewJ do you have working Rails install on a local computer which you can use to test and ensure that everything is working correctly? If there’s a fault it might not be directly in your code.
Also, I second the idea that a VPS would be a better fit for what you are trying to do.
I have a free one through ChunkHost – they are currently running a public beta, so that might be a good fit for your ‘just playing’ – and it’s free.

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If you just want to learn Rails and try things out, I recommend Heroku. They have focused on Ruby web development and they make it really easy.

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I should’ve also mentioned that their basic accounts are free.

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@phaedryx Thanks… The thing is I already have all my domains and hosting at Godaddy. if I were to move to another provider it would be when I was ready to move beyond “trying things out” and and getting serious.

Unless with Heroku the setup is super easy for Rails. In which case Moving to Heroku might be easier than setting things up with Godaddy?

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The beauty is that you can try it out without hosting fees or a domain or any setup on the hosting end. Take a look at the quickstart guide I linked. The only tricky part is the git setup (if you aren’t already familiar with git).

Basically, you develop on your local computer, you push to your changes to your git repo, and it’s live.

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What versions of Ruby, rubygems, and rails do you use locally before pushing the app up to godaddy? My client wants godaddy, so I’m stuck there.

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