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Why do so many websites use blue ink vs. traditional black for words we are reading?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) May 4th, 2014

Don’t those creating the website know how hard it is to read that color?
Or maybe it is easier for some and I am once again in the minority.

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A lot of creative color on websites is annoying. Young eyes see things more easily. Also the people creating and writing the websites are very familiar with the copy and probably barely need to read it. That’s why it is always good to get an editor, or some sort of additional pair of eyes, because the person who writes easily can skim so fast they miss many mistakes. I’m not sure if blue would bother me, if it was a dark blue, but I doubt you are in the minority for black being the easiest to read on a white or light background.

I have no trouble reading the red fluther uses.

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I think it’s just you, @Dan_Lyons. I found a couple of cool apps. but none that would work right for me. I like the Fluther colors, and find them easy to use. I noticed, too, that Google has all their headline fonts in bright blue.

Perhaps I can recruit some help.

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Pitch black on stark white produces eyestrain and make people irritable. Something like Fluther’s navy-on-light-grey is still legible without shocking the senses.

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I have all of my incoming emails changed to navy blue for the reasons @jerv stated above.

For those of us with dyslexia or other LDs, black letters on stark white makes the letters float off the page, making it impossible or at least painful to read.

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You can’t believe everything on the internet, but I follow UberFacts on Twitter and they recently tweeted that you retain written information better when it’s in blue ink as opposed to any other color.

If that’s not total hogwash, that could have something to do with it.

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Whatever color they use, it has to be a dark color on a light background.

I love the layout of Auggie’s blog

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