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What would you have been in another time period?

Asked by Berserker (33454points) May 4th, 2014

Originally I was going to ask what would you be today, if your passion/career/hobby didn’t exist? But everything is better with time traveling.
So it’s simple, if you lived in another time period, what would you have been? Consider what makes you you. What your hobbies are, what your passion is, your career or job, what you do in life. Apply this to another time period where those things either do not exist, or are very different. You decide on the time period. Or you can chose more than one. Based on what you are and do today, what do you think you would have been or done in some other time or place?
For example if I’m a waitress today, would I have worked in a tavern in the 1500’s? Be realist, or be funny, doesn’t matter.
I like Vikings. If I’m being realistic and was born as one though, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been a raider. Vikings were artisans, travelers, merchants, builders and farmers too. Where would I fit?

So, stuff like that. Have fun with it.

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Definitely a cowboy, not one that just chucks ropes at big cows & tends to his horses, that’s nowt but a farmer that is.
No, i’d be a fucking kick arse bounty hunter type, the feel of a pistol filled holster belt slung around my hips, genuinely gives me a semi…“drop ya guns & grab some dirt ya dirty bandit bastard!

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Captain of the guard during the Renaissance Period.
Train robber during the wild west days.
Fighter pilot of a Star Cruiser 250 years ahead.

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I surely would have been in a mental institution. I’m serious. Thank goodness for psychiatric advances. Say what you will about psycho pharmacology, but I am happy to live on my own, thank you.

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Maybe I’d be the record keeper, the historian. Something that keeps my mind and hands busy.

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Court jester.

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Most likely dead or poor. I love the fact that we can nowadays afford to live somewhat of a morally guided life.

In most I history only very few people could afford hobbies or to care about other things than survival. A society based on laws and ethics is also relatively new. I hope that will endure. The writing is on the wall, though.

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That would depend on the time period.

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Explorer. Lewis and Clarke would have been the expedition to be on.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me . . . Running around with Sir Richard Burton would have have been awfully cool as well.

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If I had any sense at all, I’d be a guy.

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A pissboy. But not just any pissboy. I’d be handling the chamber pot of Geoffrey, Count of Nantes, son of the Empress Matilda!

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Kitchen maid, like Daisy on Downton Abbey.

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I’d be an explorer.

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Thanks for the answers yall. :)

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The discoverer and subsequent owner of The Comstock Lode.

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Inventor, mechanic, smith, or carpenter

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