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Where have all the pro-western Ukrainian demonstrators gone?

Asked by rojo (21873points) May 5th, 2014

A couple of months ago the streets were filled protesters angry that the government was forgoing a closer association with the EU in favor of Russian ties.
Now Crimea is now a Russian province and pro-Russian separatists have seized many government buildings, hold demonstrations and demand annexation by Russia. Supposedly, they were in the minority. But evidently not. Where have all the pro-EU Ukrainians disappeared to? Why are they not in the streets? Why have they not surrounded the government buildings that have been taken over? What will it take to get them riled up again? It makes me wonder did they ever exist in the first place.

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They existed in Kiev. Central and Western Ukraine are dominated by Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians and these areas are relatively stable and controlled by the new government. Kiev is where the pro-Western demonstrations were, to get the pro-Russian government out of there. The pro-Westerns still dominate Central and Western Ukraine, but the Eastern and Southern areas are dominated by pro-Russians and they reacted negatively to the change of government in Kiev.

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We there not demonstrations in Crimea?

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My guess is that they fled to Central and Western Ukraine. (I probably would have.)

If Russia prevails in Crimea (as is likely in my opinion), better to be in a position to physically protect Kiev than trapped behind enemy lines. I don’t think the EU supporters can do much in Crimea at this time but get themselves dead or imprisoned. Reuniting Crimea with the rest of Ukraine will either be through diplomatic sanctions or some kind of armed resistance moving from the West. In any case, Kiev and similar areas seem to be the place to be.

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Where have all the pro-western Ukrainian demonstrators gone?

Gone to flowers, every one.

I am figuring those opposed to the Russian incursion see what is about to happen, and are running for cover.

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They don’t need to demonstrate any more, because they have installed a government that does what they want. The pro-Russian sectors meanwhile, are largely unprotected, while the Ukrainian military tries to remove them from all strategic positions. And so the pendulum swings again.

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See above. They got out or went underground.

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