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Do milk shakes have eggs in them?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) May 8th, 2014

The grown daughter of an old neighbor had some throat surgery today. She wants a shake but the nurses told her she can’t have a shake because of her egg allergy. This doesn’t make sense to me. You guys have any idea what they’re talking about?

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Ice cream has eggs in it and milk shakes are made from milk and ice cream. Try making a shake from heavy or whipping cream a dash of vanilla with ice and blend it to a smoothie.

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Of course! I wasn’t thinking right. Thanks.

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Another ice cream substitute that I found works out okay is banana. Flavor is relatively mute compared to others like chocolate, strawberries, coffee, etc.

My mother swears by avocados but I beg to differ.

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Well, this is in a hospital setting so….what confuses me though, if she’s allergic to eggs why has she been OK when she eats milk shakes? Her mom said she didn’t know they had eggs in them. Does this mean she only thinks she allergic to eggs, when she’s been eating a product with quite a bit of egg in them with no ill effects?

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@Dutchess_III I just read this at an allergy web site about not eating ice cream if you have an egg allergy.

Ice cream containing eggs (cheaper ice creams usually do not contain eggs)

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I went browsing some ingredient statements and as seen here at Cold Stone Creamery, there’s plenty of ice cream sold that do not include egg as an ingredient.

Furthermore, I came across the term “Kosher” Ice cream when peering at some FAQ’s at Baskin and Robbins and when researching Kosher Ice cream I found that most recipes don’t include eggs – the trouble of getting kosher eggs sounds like a pain in the ass – and there is a growing trend of companies selling such “Kosher” Ice cream.

Hope this helps!

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Well, the fact that she’s been eating ice cream and milk shakes all of this time, not knowing they have eggs in them, makes me wonder if she’s really allergic or just imagines she is.

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I don’t know why people say the flavor of banana is “mute” or “mild” – adding banana to something will completely alter the flavor of it. Adding just a half of a banana to my protein shake totally masks the taste of pretty much anything else I put in there, including a huge handful of spinach leaves. I’m sure the banana “ice cream” stuff tastes awesome, if you like bananas, but the flavor of that fruit is hardly mute (that rhymed).

Now, the flavor of avocado IS pretty mild, but I wouldn’t use it to make ice cream.

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Allergies are tricky things. People have different levels of allergic reactions, ranging from rashes or itching all the way to anaphylaxis. For many people, the severity of their reaction is related to the amount of exposure to the allergen. Allergies are different for each person. For example, some people with peanut allergies have to be in contact with the peanut, while others only need to breathe in the dust from the peanuts. Without knowing this person’s history with eggs and why she was told she was allergic, you can’t necessarily come to the conclusion that her allergy isn’t real just because of this.

Allergies can also develop over time and worsen over time. Something you could take/eat before may turn into something you can no longer have because you develop an allergy to it, so past exposure/ingestion also does not exclude newly diagnosed allergies.

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A genuine milk shake does not contain any ice cream.

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The banana idea is really good, but @Winter_Pariah failed to mention that you must peel and freeze the bananas 1st.
Then you make your milkshake substituting the banana(s) for the ice cream. It is so yummy good!

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@Dan_Lyons You don’t have to freeze them. Still come out pretty creamy without freezing (just have to throw in ice cubes).

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@Winter_Pariah Try blending them frozen one time. You can still add ice to get the crunchy.

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I would suggest what @Winter_Pariah said. Replace the ice cream with banana and you’re good to go. Leche con banano esta muy delicioso,

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