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Can the phrase ”once you try white, you know it is right”, be used without it being taken as racist?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) May 10th, 2014

I was out hanging with my Italian Brother and a shapely woman in a mini dress was strolling by. I teased him not to be gawking, that he knew the Old Italian motto (from the MOB movies we like to watch), that Italians don’t ”burn coal”, (have intimate relations with African American women). He teased back saying, “You know what they say, ‘once you try white, you know that it is right’”, as a counter to ”Once you try Black you never go back”. I know a lot of people heard the latter and think nothing racial about it, but would they think the same of the phrase my Italian Brother used being it implies a Black woman would give up Black men if she had sex with a white guy? Do you think it would be seen as racist? If you think it is racist would you think that ”once you try Black you never go back” would be equally as racist?

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once you try white, you know it is right

Truth is truth.

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The way it might be interpreted as racist is by the use of the word “right”, which rhymes with white, but also implies that that which is not white is wrong. Your friend should probably come up with a different catch phrase.

As someone who has dated people of varying shades of skin tone, I can say that such statements are egotistical bullshit, but not “racist” in my definition.

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Perhaps when discussing toilet paper- less ink and colours are better.

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“Once you try white…” White what?

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Well when reading the question, my first thought was wine. I never heard the expression before. And with Italians, the only racial reference with which I’m familiar regarding black women is “melongene”. There’s nothing racist or offensive in the statement because it has nothing to do with reality. In fact, were the statement true, who is it exactly that’s being slurred?

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It’s a phrase I would be careful of using. Even if you don’t mean any harm it could be taken as racist or even sexist.

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Wow. You are associating with some real winners. This is locker room humor, hopefully, and bears no serious weight. The answer is NO, it cannot be used without being racist. The “go black, don’t go back” is equally racist.
As long as everyone slinging humor along these lines is equally boorish, I see no harm in it. It is completely racist either way, either comment. Choose audience wisely.

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When you are talking about chocolate.

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Ugh really? Where ever do you find these people… @GloPro nailed it…

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I’ve never heard that phrase. One I have heard is “Once you try black, you never go back.” To each his own, I suppose…

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I’ve only seen those phrases being used in trite interracial porn, never thought much about it, otherwise. I guess they can be used in a racists context, if the intent to be racist is there.

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White dog shite might, though that may be trite…right?

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Have never heard of that phrase used before.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone honestly ask if something is racist in a state of genuine inquiry. It’s more like, “hey, here’s this totally racist thing that I said/did. I think it’s pretty clever. Can you back me up?”

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@Adagio “Once you try white…” White what?
It is talking about boinking between white people and other nationalities……so…….

@flutherother Thank you for a useful answer.

@GloPro Wow. You are associating with some real winners.
Of course, that is why we don’t have to resort to things non-winners need to do to be happy and fine excitement. ;-)

@Unbroken Ugh really? Where ever do you find these people… @GloPro nailed it…
Usually in the right places; but never in bars.

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