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Did I take this buyer's last message the wrong way?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18970points) May 10th, 2014

I have this collectible statue for sale on Ebay and this was our exchange…


BUYER : Hi, what is the condition of this statue? And is this exclusive edition? If so what is the number for this statue?

ME : Hello….thanks for your inquiry. I don’t think there’s an EX for this gorgeous Adam Hughes statue. If there is, I am not aware. If the EX means it comes with a print of the artwork, I think I saw that and put it in the box when I closed it. I’m sorry I can’t tell you its number in the series. I have prepared it for shipping months ago so I can no longer check.

I bought this second hand from EBay and all I can say is it looks great-! No issues whatsoever. Her most beautiful feature is the face. Looks perfect to me. I really believe this is the loveliest female statue out there no matter what other collectors say.

The only reason I’m selling her is I need the money these days so I’m forced to sell. If you are collecting a sexy statue line, this work of art is a must have. Thanks again.

BUYER : Hi, thanks for the quick response. Would you be willing to sell it to me for $397 or make it even 400 shipped but sell it to me either today or tomorrow? I will be leaving for month long trip in one and half weeks and i want to get it prior to this trip because no one will be at home to receive when i am away. Let me know if you are okay and i can paypall you immediately.

ME : Hi there. I just added a Buy It Now option for 400 bucks. You can get her now and I can ship Monday. Thanks-!

BUYER : Hi i just made the payment. I really hope the statue is in good condition like you said….

ME : Well I sincerely hope it meets your standard. How picky and detailed are you in gauging a second hand statue-? Please share your preferences with me so we can abort this sale if I feel this collectible won’t meet those.

If I sell items with issues I describe it so the buyer knows what he or she is getting. Kindly check out the Trinity Matrix I’m selling and see how I divulged and explained her issues.

No seller wants the hassle of an unsatisfied buyer, refunds, returns, collecting insurance etc…..except real cheats and people who thrive on stress.

I don’t have time for that. If it comes to you with damage that will be due to shipping. Thanks.

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Did they buy it? It sounds like they did. It also sounds like they simply didn’t respond to your last comments, so you likely won’t ever know that answer, unless perhaps they rate you one way or the other..

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@snowberry Yes he did buy it and I will ship Monday. Just that I didn’t like his last statement…“I really hope the statue is in good condition like you said….” Sounded like he’s doubting my description of the item.

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It doesn’t matter at this point so don’t sweat it.

Once he bid, bought and paid for the statue you are obligated to ship. Just package it really well which I’m sure you already did (because you said she’s been packaged for months), ship her off and if you’re really concerned, keep that money handy until you get your green donut pos fb.

He wanted it bad enough to BIN so I’m sure he was just expressing the concern of any buyer dealing with a seller whom he has not dealt with in the past.

By the way, how much to ship and what shipper are you using?

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It’s too soon to know whether or not he “took it the wrong way”. I suppose the issue will be resolved when the buyer opens the pkg and inspects the statue. There is only one question to be settled and that is whether his definition of “good condition” coincides reasonably with your own.

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I found your side of the interaction lacking, honestly. No offense.

If I wanted to know the edition number of a limited edition and your response was as you indicated I would have backed out of the deal and any interest immediately. In addition, asking an art collector how “picky and detailed” they are on the condition of any piece they are considering collecting showcases that you do not take condition seriously. I would not have moved forward with the sale if I were in his shoes.

I collect art and take it seriously. I also sold art for a few years in a high end capacity. I have sold pieces valued around $60k.

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It’s Ebay, is he supposed to trust every word you say just because you’re you? I think he means exactly what he said – he hopes it’s in good condition. Chill.

I also agree with @GloPro about your side of the conversation.

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@livelaughlove21 So Ebay is notorious for….dishonest sellers-? It’s offensive to a seller if he sincerely declares something and receives a response that seems mistrusting. If that was indeed what happened here. Yes he is suppose to trust every word I say until proven wrong. I do that with all the sellers I’ve interacted with on Ebay.

@GloPro Lacking indeed. ( and saying sorry was not good enough ) Yet there are a lot of collectors who do not care about the edition number and I really wouldn’t mind losing this sale if he insists I open the box for me to check it. Too lazy to open that box honestly. And he still bought it regardless.

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@mazingerz88 Well, good for you. However, not everyone is that trusting of complete strangers that are taking $400 from them. No, Ebay is not notorious for dishonest sellers – but the world is full of dishonest people. You’re taking his wariness as a personal affront for no reason. If you’re going to take stuff like this personal, I’d hope sales isn’t your actual career. It’s business – there’s no room for hurt feelings.

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FYI, for ease in future sales… Adam Hughes are limited editions. Typically of 5,200. That means they should come with a Certificate of Authentication (which typically does have a picture on it, yes). That number is something most collectors would be interested in knowing. It is typically found next to a signature. Imagine if you had purchased a fraud yourself, and were now trying to sell it as authentic? Knowing basic things to look for will help you ensure you have integrity as a seller. I don’t say this to scold but to assist if you have any other items of collectible value to sell. Also, try to keep the Cert flat and in good shape. It helps a collector insure a piece.

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@livelaughlove21 I’m glad sales isn’t my career. ;)

@GloPro I may have gotten used to buyers not caring about the edition number or having a Certificate of Authenticity. Also happens I don’t give particular attention about it as a collector. Not a good combination. Lol.

Sold about 15 used statues these past few months and this was the only instance someone asked about a series number. I also now recall I found one COA in my files weeks after a purchase and contacted the buyer if he wanted it and he said it’s up to me. Lol. I mailed it to him. :)

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