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What locations in England would you recommend an excited middle american tourist visit?

Asked by trickface (2346points) July 3rd, 2008

She’s coming over for a week in March and likes non-touristy places, ‘sweet bars and clubs’ and the like.

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in March….......of 2009?

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@PnL – don’t be mean, people generally plan overseas trips in advance…

Here is a list of the “best” pubs in England… perhaps helpful.

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@ yetanother – i am sorry if i sounded mean, i was really just impressed that people are planning their trips earlier than i do (and i plan early )

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St Albans is beautiful and has small amounts of tourists. The Abbey and Verelamium park are really lovely and there are some sweet old pubs. The city is historical, so it’s very interesting to look round, as are the Roman ruins.

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Without being too cheeky here I wonder whether you want your friend to see “middle” or “real” Britain or you are looking for the more traditional tourist spots, with an emphasis on the more obscure ones.

If you want to see “real” Britain, try one of the following:

- a boot sale,
– a football match
– Southend pier (or any traditional seaside resort)
– Stockwell, Hoxton or Brixton, or one of any number of gritty London neigbourhoods
– if she has a hobby, find a club for the hobby in the UK that meets during her visit. Meet and mingle with real people
– bingo

And so on… the emphasis on trying to meet real people in their local habitats :-)

If you are looking for “obscure” traditional tourist destinations, please clarify and I’ll provide a different list. If you are just looking for trendy spots in London, try Time Out, Kerrang, or something like that; alternatively, find a social networking website that caters to her musical tastes and ask around there.

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British Museum
National Library
Kew Gardens
City of York
Brönte Parsonage
The Market Porter (south London pub)

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dover street market in London :)

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Together with London I would reccommend Cornwall, worth itself your entire stay in England. (

Maybe March is just too early to enjoy its wonderful beaches, but there’s a lot more.

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