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What are the cool 4th of July parties this weekend in San Francisco?

Asked by cyan (40points) July 3rd, 2008
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The ones with booze and fireworks.

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petethepothead: yes, but where are they? :) i heard there is some sort of viking party. anyone know about this?

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What is “cool” to you? Details please. Because what is cool to me might not be to you.

[because a viking party sounds…not cool to me]

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I like everything really.

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Everything… Really?

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Upcoming is a pretty good resource for finding events in SF. You might want to browse through their listings as well as the Guardian and Chronice calendar of events.

Last year I spent the Fourth at the Berkeley Marina and had a pretty good time. There was lots of good food and free sailboat rides!

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Another resource for finding things to do is Going. Personally, I plan to attend the Fillmore Jazz Festival. Free music, cool vendors, drinking beer and wine outside. I also plan to take my son to the Marin County Fair.

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