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What should I put in a resume?

Asked by Tank8131 (106points) July 12th, 2007

Here's the scoop. A friend of the family called me asking if I'd like a job doing clerical work. I think I could do it. She said fax her a resume, but the thing is I have no idea what to put in it. I've really only worked at one other job (the one I have now) at a civic center. I'm thinking this would be one of the most pathetic resume's ever. Should I write something about myself? Clueless...

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maybe get some references?

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Did you do some summerwork, or worked during your high school or college years?
You could add that. In the end its all about how you describe what you have done. Not that you should exagerate your possible fast food corner-job, but it is after all work expirience and at least it shows that you can adapt to different environments etc. etc.

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Do you have a resume template you're using? What skills have you cultivated at the job you currently have? Do you have experience with a lot of different computer programs? Sell those. Do you excel at your communications or organizational skills?

You could use:

* Statement/Summary: experienced __looking for position in ___a growing company etc.

* Education
* Professional qualifications and training

How soon do you need to get it over there?

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She said yesterday.

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She also said if I had a friend who'd like to do it...even if they were working at McDonalds. I was one about 10 students chosen from our school to compete in a business competition. I took computer concepts and programming. I have an elevated knowledge of Internet skills along with decent typing skills. Oh, which leads me to another question I'm going to ask on fluther.

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You can also include: achievements, volunteer experience, interests and activities and computer skills.

Okay, first, you're really going to ned to start from scratch. Take a look at this link to get some of the basics down:

Once this is done, check out some free resume templates online. That will give you an idea of how other people organize their information and sell the skills they have.

If the work is clerical, similar resumes to look at would be that of administrative assistants and general assistants.

Here's just one of many sample, clerical resume templates:

Googling "resume template" will bring up more than you could need

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looking at other people's resumes really helped me to figure out how to make mine look and what to include (there are many online). other people above mentioned education, other experiences, volunteering, honors/awards, etc -- the things you mentioned could be good to include - you can include an 'education' section (high school, college, any additional non-degree courses - include GPAs, majors, and whatnot if they're good and relevant), a 'work experience' section, a 'skills' section which has the software programs you can use, your typing speed, etc. the templates will show how to lay these things out and different ways to include the titles and dates. pay attention to formatting and a professional looking layout. don't forget name, address, phone(s), email (a professional-sounding one), etc in a prominent and easy-to-read location. some people put the references right on the resume - you can do that if they're really relevant, good references (and you've *asked* them first) -- it looks very confident. good luck!

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So, I got the job! Thanks everyone!

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