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What sorts of things do you put on your CV under "leadership"?

Asked by evegrimm (3712points) September 9th, 2009

I know a lot of jobs and/or scholarships look for applicants that have leadership skills or potential.

But what do you do when you haven’t been in a position of “leadership”?

For instance, during HS, although I wanted to be part of Band Council, it was a popularity contest, and I was far and away the least popular kid. (Or I was really good at being invisible.)

And both of my jobs were entry-level, and I didn’t stay long enough to move up to a position of leadership (or the next higher position wasn’t a leadership position, just a higher wage).

So what kinds of things do you put down on your resume if you don’t have the sorts of leadership experience employers (etc.) are looking for?

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Are we talking about a CV or a resume here? They’re actually different.

As far as the question, if you don’t have any leadership experience at all, you can’t fake it. Don’t include a “Leadership” header.

Try to join a club centering around something you’re interested in, such as a sport, a charity, or a hobby, and become involved and eventually take a leadership role so that youll have something to add to your resume in the future.

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@La_chica_gomela, sorry.

I didn’t know they were different, am actually more interested in resume stuff.


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My CV is a work in progress…but I do not have a “leadership” section. Instead I have:
Current Appointments, Education, Research Interests, Related Experiences (inc. classes taught), Publications, Presentations, Awards and Fellowships, Professional Memberships, and Service.

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