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Why do you think the lady in this video never pet the seal?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) May 18th, 2014

Here to me it looks like he’s just begging to have his neck scratched! But she never did. Is there a reason for this that you know of?

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Sealaphobia maybe?

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She did a bit, but when you’re dealing with wild animals let them determine the level of interaction. Don’t force anything.

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She seemed to prefer snogging with it.

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I kept thinking that If that guy decided to really crawl up on her she’s going to be in real trouble. She wouldn’t be able to move it. I also was watching the huge one in the back ground, wondering if it was a bull seal….Danger! Danger Matt Basterson!

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It would be amazing to be able to get that close to wildlife. I’m envious.

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Seals bite. We used to dive over on Catalina Island and over by Pebbly Beach Seaport there was always a few swimming with us. One nipped at my brother. I stayed away from them.

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I’d take a pass, too. I’ve seen people tangle with ‘cute, cuddly’ raccoons, possums, squirrels, etc. and it’s almost always a bad idea, unless they live in your yard and you acclimate yourself slowly. Even then, no thanks. It’s not good for the wildlife, either. It’s likely that the seal has been mooching off of tourists, and that will probably eventually cause it harm.

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