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To anyone who has ever had dogs what have been your favourite breeds to live with and why?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25275points) July 22nd, 2009

What breeds have you most enjoyed living with and why? Personally, of all the dogs I have ever had the pleasure of living with my favourites have been the Field Spaniels. They are big dogs in smaller dogs bodies and I adore their characters.

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Aminsgt my most beloved was a Golden Retriever and a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Both were nearly human and fantastic companions.

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love that @Dog is crafting a response first!

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Mutts of any variety we have always had mutts from rescue shelters and they have been so loyal and so loving all for the fraction of the price of a pedigree!!

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We have two blue heeler/black labs. They are a handful but I love how loyal they are. They are very protective of my 5 year old daughter. No one will get a hand on her if they are around.

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Of all the breeds I’ve lived with, I like Whippets the most. They a very loving, gentle, and sensitive to your feelings. They do silly dog things but mostly lounge around the house like kitty cats while at home. We just let them run around like crazy for about 10–15 minutes and then they’re fine. I never would have picked them but they really are great pets.

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I could not fix my typo above due to kickback to edit.

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I am not a dog fan (but I am a @Dog fan!) but I’ve completely loved the dachshunds I’ve had. I can’t really put a finger on the reason, but that breed just works for me.

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@MacBean Lurve back at ya!

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We had two Australian Shepherds, and they were so intelligent, they were like humans! They understood every word we said. We didn’t train them at all – didn’t have to. I am not a dog person, but my two boys needed to have a dog each. We tried other dogs with these results:
1. Chihuahua – always freezing, nipped at strangers
2. Collie – high strung and would attack kids on bikes
3. Pomeranian – yappy and bit guests on the back of the ankle – but fun personality. High maintenance coat.
4. Dalmation – what a stupid dog! This breed is just not very bright.
5. Shihtzu – would invite other dogs in through the dog door. Stole things and hid them in his dog house. High maintenance coat. Weepy eyes.
6. Beagle – got distemper and had to be put down
7. Border Collie – too rambunctious. Ripped up the couch.
8. Blue Healer – Cute dog. Too rambuncious like the border collie. Would be a great kid dog on a farm.

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Minerature schnauzzers(sp?) are the best! Loyal and smart!

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Soft coated wheaten terrier. Great personality. Jumper and flyer. Definitely a hand full and requires strong master but we love our theodor

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@avalmez I think my mutt is crossed with a wheaten terrier, have you got a pic of yours??

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I prefer dogs that have great intelligence, not necessarily trainability, which makes them sort of like living with another person, they are quirky, intuitive and have a definite thought process, not to mention usually stubborn as well. Those qualifications put Akitas at the top of the list with Bouvs not far behind and now this crazy dingo mutt. You look into their eyes and there is actually someone home!

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Growing up, we had a Cocker Spaniel and a Mutt. The Spaniel was a great dog, but temperamental – even more so as he aged. The Mutt, he was wonderful. Loyal, lovable, adorable, smart and a good guard dog, too.

Now I have a beagle/basset mix and a border collie mix. The beagle/basset mix is fantastic. She’s calm, loving and loves to play in the back yard. The beagle and basset tendencies of wanting to follow a scent until she figures out where it is coming from, prevails…thank goodness we have a fenced yard, sometimes, she’s unstoppable. The border collie mix, is also part lab. She’s more border than lab and it shows. She’s very active, used to be destructive – but we’ve conquered that, hopefully. She’s wonderful and great with kids, but does bark – a lot, especially when people come to the house. We’re working with her, she’s better than she used to be, but wow. Energy galore!

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I Have one Jack Russel terrior, long hair. His name is Teddy.
He’s 12 years old and has been a family member since.
Smart, loyal, friendly, the best I ever could have wished for. Lots of work but worth it.

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@avalmez I lurve dog pictures – adorable!

I have always thought I liked long hair dogs the best, collies and such, but a neighbor dog adopted me, and he’s a Queensland Heeler, and a real pleasure to have.

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Had a half wolf/German Shepard mix named Kavik for 12 years, smartest and nicest dog I’ve ever owned in my entire life.

I own one of his puppy’s (three quarter Shepard/wolf) Kato, and a Bull Mastif named Kane now. both are great dogs, both weigh around 140lbs. Kato is really gentle and a huge teddy bear, Kane’s younger so he’s still energetic and really clumsy and he loves to wrestle. love em both.

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All of them.

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I would have to agree with @Blondesjon: All of them. Certain dogs stand out more simply because of their personalities, but not necessarily because of their breed.

Smartest dog: Pit Bull-Yellow lab mix. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have hands.

Best linguist: A mixed breed that is part Chow, part German Shepherd, and part something with really short legs. She understands about 40 English words. But then there was another mixed breed (Shepherd x Collie) who understood about 40 words, but some in English and some in Spanish. She also picked and ate fruit off the trees in our yard.

Most contemplative: Our Shar-Pei. She also was the best practical joker.

Most cheerful: A mixed breed that is dachshund x rottweiler. Shorty is always cheerful.

Silliest dog: Our English Bulldogs and our American Bulldog. They all love to sleep upside down. They are also tied for the best sources of natural gas and the most attached to people.

And I could go on. I don’t like dogs that are as small as cats. They need to be at least knee-high. And I am not fond of dogs that need constant brushing or who bounce all the time. I love big dogs but find that I cannot pick up any dog that weighs much more than 60–70 pounds. Our American Bulldog weighs 120 pounds so I have to lift one end and then the other.

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@srtlhill Until I got Bella I believed I would never have a Jack Russell. The smallest dog I had ever had was a Spaniel (Field Spaniel at that so not all that small) and always preferred my big dogs. However, when Bella came along it was love at first sight and she is now my most constant companion and I would gladly have another Jack Russell.

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@avalmez Thanks for the links, looking at your adorable dog I am not sure if my dog is weaton cross- defo terrier though, I’ll try to put a pic of him on my avitar!!

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i’ll try to get a more complete pic of theodore online then pm a link to you. the avitar i can see shows a dog i would agree is terrier and whose coat color seems close to a wheaten. in any case, thanks for your comments!

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I will admit I am completely and totally biased, but in my opinion, dachshunds, especially mini doxies are the best dogs ever. We’ve had other kinds of dogs, there isn’t really a dog I don’t love, but dachshunds steal my heart. They love to cuddle, esp in the winter, very, very loyal, friendly and just plain lovable and cute. Oh, and they love to burrow under blankets, pillows, anything they can hide under…they really are fantastic!

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American Bulldogs like to cuddle, too. It is just that there is so much more dog than you get with a mini doxie. Ours weighs 120 pounds and loves to burrow under the covers also, winter or summer.

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american bulldogs!!! i love all the bully breads. and i love dachshunds too.

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I love the way bulldogs of all sorts seem to love to sleep upside down, feet in the air and dewlaps sagging.

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