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What's more important - winning or respect?

Asked by DipanshiK (818points) May 19th, 2014 from iPhone

Let’s take an hypothetical example- suppose you’re in a competition which means the world to you. But you can win with unfair means- like plotting against someone or manuplation.
So would you play along in fairness and emerge out a winner with respect OR would you rather deceive your contenders and win?
What would you do in this situation?

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Hey! Respect under all circumstances.

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Respect. WAY too much emphasis is placed on competition.

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If I win it has to be clean. If I can’t do it fair and square it’s going to be tainted, and I will know it was not right.

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As for me personally, I will always lean towards the respect.
But there are people who are soo blindly passionate about winning of a certain title that they clearly forget about earning the respect.

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Respect, hands down.
I like the saying ” You don;t have to LIKE me, but you do have to RESPECT me.”
I hate cheaters, and as @Adirondackwannabe if a “win” is not clean, be that in a game or an argument, it is no win.

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Respect for sure. some of the most “shallow” and “mean spirited” people can win. take a look at some of the people on the payroll in Washington D.C.

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Respect. The thing is, people who cheat really think no one knows that they cheated, but invariably everyone does. They just don’t say anything.

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When it comes to sport I would never cheat, no need, i’m the dog’s bollocks at golf/pool/tennis
Other stuff like poker/monopoly, i’m going to cheat my lying arse off, mostly because i’m crap at them.

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Respect. I love to win and I have always given it my best to win. I was never the fastest or strongest but I enjoyed competing. Nothing was more frustrating though when I saw someone cheat or do something underhanded to win. Winning is not that important to me to have to resort to unfair tactics to win.

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There is no satisfaction in success achieved unfairly.

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For some people, apparently there is. I used to play a girl on WWF. She’s my age, reasonably intelligent, but she’d use a cheat to play the whole game. It was so glaringly obvious and her attempts to deflect the obvious were painful to see. I finally started using a cheat too. For me there was no satisfaction. Nothing like accidentally creating a word and getting a major score, all out of your own head. The thrill of that was non-existent. She finally dropped out.

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Respect, always. On the other hand, my S/O will bold face lie to win an argument, knowing that will leave me speechless.

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It depends what we’re competing in. I won’t ever cheat, but you better believe if you are playing against me in something like Risk I will lie and deceive the opponents all along the way. Forge alliances with them only to have them attack the stronger enemy so I can move in and conquer both when the time is right. Then again I think that’s what the game Risk is all about :P

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Ferengi Rule of Acquisition # 109: Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack.

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I prefer fair but unconventional tactics that are creative interpretations of the rules. I’m not cutthroat enough to go out of my way to do something unfair, but I’m not above bending the rules a bit for my own benefit.

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If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’. :Special Forces Credo

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“I did not have sex with that woman.” = “Creative interpretations of the rules”, @jerv. i.e. valuing winning over respect. Just be upfront about it.

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@ibstubro There are different ways to win. Some involve being a malicious bastard who may actually care less about winning than about making others lose (and thus win by default). I’m not that type. I’m more like an old-school NASCAR crew chief. I still have ethics, just the type that still allows me to get the upper hand through wits rather than deception. And if that’s unfair, then I’m too smart to be allowed to compete against the majority of humanity.

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