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When did we start using the modern calender?

Asked by antimatter (4411points) May 21st, 2014

In what year did we start using the modern calendar?
Was it before Christ or after Christ?

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Depends what you call “the modern calender.” The current iteration is the Gregorian Calender, and it basically dates to 1582. It fixed some bugs in the Julian calender, which was in use since Julius Ceasar (40s BCE, if I recall, either way decades before Christ). That, in turn, is based on even older ones.

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And it was Julius and Augustus Caesar who inserted a month each into the previous 10 month calendar.

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The modern calendar I have been using dates back to the 5th century BC.

Yes, I use the Mayan calendar. So sue me.

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@Dan_Lyons Then I still use Chinese calendar :p

I agree with @bolwerk. It depends on your definition of “modern calendar”. There are still different kinds of calendar being used around the world.

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It also depends on who you include in “we”. The year cited by @bolwerk is when the Gregorian calendar was first put in use, and was adopted by Catholic countries. But the British Empire, including the thirteen colonies, did not adopt it until 1752. Alaska (always behind the times) did not adopt it until it became a US possession in 1867.

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