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How many white gangs are in America today?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) July 4th, 2008

I was watching Gangland and it got me thinking, every gang I see is minorities only, what gangs are out there today that are of Caucasian descent?

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Skinheads. I went to junior high in Redlands CA and the majority of the gangs were SHARPS. There is a huge nugget of truth in the movie American History X. The SHARPS didn’t like the skinheads that went out beating up minorities. But both kinds were very prominent.

The skinhead movement is still really strong in certain parts of the country. And I would consider them gangs.

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I can’t believe that I missed that, I sort of feel dumb now.

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Three: Dow, Exxon and AT&T.

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The KKK isn’t a “gang” they are an organization.

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There were at least 30,000 gangs and 800,000 gang members active across the USA in 2007, up from 731,500 in 2002 and 750,000 in 2004. By 1999, Hispanics accounted for 47% of all gang members, Blacks 31%, Whites 13%, and Asians 6%.

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sorry, i know thats not what you were asking about but i was reading that info on wikipedia earlier and so i thought id post it for you anyways, just incase anyone was curious…......
its hard to make a list of the white gangs in america, since there are probably several that i have never heard of but just off the top of my head :
Nazi Low Riders- aka NLR
Aryan Brotherhood – aka AB
Peckerwoods – aka Woods
Public Enemy No. 1 -aka PENI

just a side note, im pretty sure the kkk is actually known as a society.

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In Reno Nevada straightedge is considered a gang by the Reno Police Dept. This happened because some straightedge kids kept beating down drunk kids. The cops take pictures of kids with straightedge tats like the XXX and other stuff and start files of all the straightedge kids they encounter for the gang unit.

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Nazi, sharps, straightedge kids are all a bunch of morons.
White gangs exist mostly on the coasts if you exclude crap like race haters. Let’s not forget the Hells Angels! Just because you organize and make people pay dues so you can call yourself an organization or society does not make you either or except for on paper. Black flag is an all white punk gang that rides rails across America.
The Christian Evolution is white, m13 is mostly mexicans but there are a ton of white kids as well. Da Folks is a large white gang.

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Ayyyy. What Mafia? There is no Mafia.

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I don’t know about in America but in Australia there are several mostly white gangs such as 66 (stands for freedom fighters, ff the 6th letter in the alphabet), Kigeria ( a street gang who began dealing drugs for the mafia back in 80’s but broke away from the mob in the 90’s and began there own drug trade I don’t know why they are called Kigeria) , K.O.S (Stands for knights of the street well known for there violent run ins against ethnic gangs but are not white supremacists) , the white cloth ( a white supremacist gang that is like a poorly organized version of the AB mostly known for group assaults on blacks in particular on Aboriginals) , the dogs of war an outlaw biker gang whose members are the sons of diggers and Anzacs who fought in world war 1 and 2 well known for their many fist fights and brawls with police) , U.A (stands for united alliance a gang that began in west Australia prison formed by whites to stand against the overwhelming population of Aboriginals in western Australian prisons) , Oden’s warriors ( a biker gang that is in to low level crime such a prostitution and robbery can be found in New Zealand and Australia) and the demon weavers ( a gang of satanists whose members have been charged with rape, murder and arson)

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There are a lot of white gangs. In addition to the ones already mentioned, there are also a lot of biker gangs like Hells Angels, who are allies with the Aryan Brotherhood. Also there is the Italian mob, Russian mob, and many other organized crime gangs.

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