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What to do during a boring beach vacation?

Asked by HotAsIce911 (156points) July 4th, 2008

Here’s my problem, I don’t like beaches but I have to go. Just me, my mom, my dad and my 9 year old sister. I’m 16 by the way. And I don’t like to swim or go in water and we’re going to be there from saturday morning ‘til monday night. I’m charging my ipod, so that’s one thing I have. But I have no idea what to do, it will be so boring and I’d rather not even go, but I don’t have the choice. We’re also staying in a hotel, not a cabin and we haven’t done anything like this since I was little, usually are trips are going to places we’ve never been and shopping.

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Bring books. Or you could have a weekend romance and ask us what you should do about it Tuesday morning.

I would just bring some books.

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A lot of beach spots have areas with shops and arcades. Or you can rent a bike or some rollerskates. Ask at your hotel what there is to do around the area. Since its not too long, try just relaxing—read or paint/draw, take pictures or daydream.

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Go to the beaches with johnpowell’s books and a Coke (rum and Coke if you can get away with it), and enjoy the eye candy.
It won’t be that bad. I speak as a survivor of several family vacations to Siesta Key, Florida.

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I go to Myrtle Beach with my family for a week and a half every year. I don’t like swimming or the water either, but I still love going.

-bring a camera. take pictures of sunrises (atlantic) or sunsets (pacific). take pictures of attractive women in bathing suits.

-get high out of your mind and take a walk on the beach.

-bring a sketch book.

- are you into fishing at all?

- walk around the town, not just on the beach. you’ll find something interesting. i guarantee it.

- go to a diner alone and sit at the counter, on one of those stools and talk to the old men and flirt with the waitresses.

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@pete: Not everybody is comfortable getting high on a family vacation.

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just a suggestion.

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Are you male or female?

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Male, but I’m bisexual so if it has to do with checking people out or something. I got it all covered.

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No. I was going to suggest girl things.

Take a good book, magazines or portable dvd player.

You can always catch up on sleep!

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Go for a walk with a) your ma b) your pa c) your little sister and ask each of them
to tell you a great story about their life that you don’t already know. Then at dinner, tell
the other people the story.

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personally groom ypur toenails. On second thought you may have done this previosly.

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Pretend you know people. Act just like you would at home. Find some people your age and see if they’re up to anything more fun than what your family’s doing (a good probability)! Be honest and just tell people you want to do something other than lame family stuff—they’ll usually take to it pretty well. You might even find some nice hospitality.

Remember—everyone else is on vacation, too!

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Try your hardest to enjoy it, because when I was your age I felt the same way you did- and now I’m an adult and honestly miss those family trips :(

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Bring books, iPods, sketch pads, note pads, camera… can have loads of fun being creative, drawing, taking pictures, writing or read a book, learn something new….
A few suggestions if you’re stuck:
– Write a review of the hotel, of the beach and resort in general (you can submit it to TripAdvisor or similar after)
– Write a review of the holiday fashion you observe (this can be a lot of fun!) and perhaps combine with some pictures.
– Read up on a subject you’ve often wondered about, but never explored (your favorite musicians biography or the history of a topic that interests you)
– Practice drawing from still life, like interesting rocks on the beach or portraits of your family.

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Build the ULTIMATE sandcastle and then post a picture of it on Fluther.

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Spend a day checking out the souvenir shops. All beach places have those. Buy a great t-shirt or bathing suit.

Oil your body and soak up some rays.

Buy a kite and fly it on the beach.

Pick up shells.

Even beach towns have museums. Often they have things like go karts or other amusements for non-beach hours.

Sixteen is a great age for finding someone of the opposite sex (or the same sex whatever) who is stuck on their family vacation and having a summer romance.

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I so wish I could be 16 and spend the weekend on the beach. Chin up. I bet it won’t be so bad. You’ve got a whole lot of ideas from the others here. I hope you have a great weekend!

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So, follow-up. I’m back and it wasn’t that bad. We actually stayed in the town more then on the beach and I had more alone time then I thought I would and we came back home way earlier then I thought too. I didn’t think I would even be home until tomorrow night. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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I’m glad to hear it tuned out Ok for you.

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We always seem to stress out about upcoming functions, but everything seems to work out in the end.

Glad to hear is wasn’t as bad as you expected!

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Take the time to try on a new personality! Make friends with someone you would normally NEVER be friends with. See what it’s like. It’s just a week. You’ll be back to your old self later. I used to do this at summer camp. In school I believed in the “label” I had been given and didn’t see any way of escaping it. At camp I would try on a whole new persona. Sometimes it worked out sometimes id didn’t, but it was only a week. It was fun. Ever see Grease?

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