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YES! Can 2 parties be going on at the same time? Will the first one have to close down or should they merge?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) June 4th, 2014

Bring on extra food and drinks!

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Merging is good, but you both got his name wrong.

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I deleted mine.

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Must be something in the air that has us misreading! Now get out the champagne and by the end of the celebration who knows what the poor jelly’s name will turn out to be!

Sorry, anyway, the thought counts!

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Oh kay what the Fluther! ? ?

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Who is it for?

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@ibstubro. Check in meta.

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….I miss Gary(whatthefluther)

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So you guys were talking about two parties for one person hosted by two people? I thought it was one party for two people hosted by one person.

Oh well, I’ll post it as another question then :)

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Republican & Democrat

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@Mimishu; Please, don’t start another thread.

Zephyra and filmfann each started a party thread for @ibstubro at almost the same time. it has been sorted out.

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