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Do you understand all what Dr. Jelly says to you?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23654points) June 4th, 2014

“What Dr. Jelly says to you” means the “peppy” comments appearing on the top of your account in the desktop mode. The comments like “Does your mom knows that you’re here?” or “We <3 you”.

There are some comments that still baffle me to this day like “We. Drink. Your. MILKSHAKE” and a French comment I forget right now.

How about you? Do you understand them all?

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We do because English is our native language. There are many inside jokes. The MILKSHAKE line is from a movie called There Will Be Blood, and was spoken by Daniel Day Lewis. It is not terribly funny even if you have seen the movie. But it has become a part of many people’s “cool” comments. This is not very clear even to me but perhaps you will find it helpful

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You do know that Dr. Jelly is not real, don’t you?

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“You have that certain je ne sais quoi” means that you have that certain undefinabe (attractive) something. In French “je ne sais quoi” means literally that “I do not know what.”

The sentence “Je ne sais quoi” is used as a compound noun meaning an ineffable but lovely characteristic.

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@gailcalled Yes! That’s the French line I’m talking about.

Never knew Ben and Andrew know French…

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I never got the MILKSHAKE one, either. Must be a generation thing, too. But no siree my ma does not know I’m here.
[edit to add]: Oh, and adding on to the generation thing, what first came to my mind when I read the MILKSHAKE thing was Kelis. It didn’t seem to fit, though.

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Yes and I like Dr. Jelly. I find those comments funny too.. like when I use my hair cream and I come across the message saying “Your hair smells nice” :D..
It’s really fun when you’re having a good day, otherwise it feels a little repetitive lol
aah, what a beautiful day!

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@wingsonroots This morning I logged in after having my breakfast. When I logged in, Dr. Jelly said: “Sit back and relax. We will do the dishes today.” :P

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The expression “je ne sais quoi” is familiar to most of us and does not mean that we know much French. It is part of the common English parlance and officially known as a borrowed expression. Most Americans will recognize “parlez-vous français”, “c’est la vie,” “déja vu,” “rendez-vous,” “faut pas.” or “joie de vivre.”

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Heh, I always thought the milkshake comment was in reference to aquateen hunger force… Which I only watched in the presence of others so I thought it a reference I only half got.

The other option being my mind was a little in the gutter and assumed sexual connotations.

Or it was like drinking the Kool-Aid.

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@gailcalled: Isn’t it “faux pas?”

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^^ Of course it is. I have the oddest spellcheck. Thanks for noticing, which I didn’t.(And I was so careful to get the cedilla correct in français.)

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Does Milo have faux paws?

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Originally I had typed, “faux pax.”

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And then there is Sandburg’s fog

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Faut pas is actually something though. Il ne faut pas faire de faux pas! As in, must not, or mustn’t.

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Let’s not forget, II ne smurfaut pas smurfaire de smurfaux pas!

I just returned last night and this morning Dr. Jelly said, “You have arrived.” Smart.

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A smurf in French is ’‘schtroumpf’’. (shtroomf’’ is the best I can do for how it sounds, and I always thought that word seemed more German than French)

This was my favorite one as a kid. Smurf soup!

So…il ne schtroumpferait pas schtroumpfé des faux schtroumpfs!


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I wish I could give you more than one GA!

May the Schtroumpfs be with you!

A word with 5 consonants, followed by 2 vowels, and 4 trailing consonants! Wow!

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That’s what schtroumpfs do, they make everything smurfin’ cool! :D

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Sometimes he comes to me in dreams!

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Nah, when he told me I have a tounge on my coat, I gave up.

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