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Is pot included in the internatonal seed vaults?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) June 8th, 2014

As well as other medicinal plants?

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I hope so! haha
Must research this.

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It seems so, but….so far the only articles I can find are associated with marijuana production such as the “High Times” publication. I cannot confirm if Svalbard is storing any hemp seeds.

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@Coloma I found the same wishy washy info.I would be inclined to think they are there but who knows really.

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@El_Cadejo Yep, I agree.

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Considering it’s legal in MANY places, and that it has many uses other than just ingesting, they’d have to be anti-science not to. Then again, they’d also be foolish to admit they did considering the anti-pot crowd would march on them with pitchforks if they did admit it.

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I should know this. I’ll search in Norwegian for you’all.

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Here are a few websites and a video:

One problem that might occur is that we have a ‘conservative’ government in power now, so who knows what might happen.

sorry, nothing in English, but here is something in Norwegian. Apparently, anyone can offer seeds, so this article is about an offer of seeds from Spain.

It is pretty much saying that cannabis seed is not there and not on their list of priorities at Svalbard, the offer came from an official seed bank in Spain, so someone is keeping them, but just not Svalbard.

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There aren’t any sinsemilla seeds, that’s for sure!

And I wonder if there are any opium poppy seeds, or coca seeds. Maybe there should be an illicit drug seed vault.

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Here is the article in Norwegian.. sorry… I forgot to add the link..

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