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Is it legal to send marijuana seeds from Canada to Mexico?

Asked by mariquetas (11points) January 31st, 2010

A friend of mine wants to send me seeds from Canada, but I want to know if it is legal to do it. And if possible, what is the best way to do it with anonimacy.

Thank you! I dont want to contribute to mexican drug warfare so im going to self-consumption-production!

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Thats a big 10–4.

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(Do you mean “anonymity”? On whose part? The sender or receiver?)

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@gailcalled sorry, im not native speaker, was not sure of the word, I searched it on google and it did not correct me, anyway. For the sender at least.

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@john65pennington im sorry but I dont know what is a 10–4

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No. It is not. I don’t think it’s legal to send narcotics through the mail anywhere, and certainly not across international borders. While both countries have decriminalized possession of marijuana to some extent, I don’t think there’s any way it can be legal to mail seeds across the border.

That said, I imagine your odds of getting caught would be very small. But still.

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@mariquetas – 10–4 is a police code for “Yes”, “affirmative”, “I understand”.

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@Mamradpivo seeds are not narcotics and I see a lot of internet shops selling them, but those seeds were made with love :), thats why I want them from him.

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10–4 on the CB radio is the same as Roger.
We have clearance Clarence

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Anyways, how to get seeds…I know the drug trade is tough anywhere, but there’s always that friend of a friend who has seeds. If you’ve already asked around and couldn’t find any I don’t know if I would risk using the Internet to get them…Up here in Canada a guy named Marc Emery got busted BIG time for selling seeds to America.

Also, true, seeds are not narcotics themselves, but they can produce them.

I actually just re-read your question, as long as it’s not purchased over a random website and it’s hidden inside of something sent from your friend, there will be no paper trail of this and you would make a successful transaction if hidden well.

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But it’s definitely illegal either way, so don’t do it.

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they don’t check airmail

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@VanCityKid What? (Insane laughter) Always? I know no people who have seeds. Nor do they know someone who knows…what? That’s hilarious…“There’s always that friend of a friend..” What? Seriously? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ve just been out of it for too long. It’s possible that I’m the only person on the planet who does not have a friend of a friend who always has seeds. I think I’ll just go to bed.

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@Trillian – I live in what would be known as the “good” area of the Lower Mainland and I could probably have seeds in my hands in about a day or so, and I don’t even do drugs or drink alcohol!.. But keep in mind I live in B.C and it’s famous for Marijuana.

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@VanCityKid ok. I’m sorry. It just struck me as funny. I don’t know even one person…. I used to when I was in high school. I won’t admit how many years ago that was.

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@Trillian – No need for apologies, I think it is funny that it is possible for me to attain illegal substances this easily.

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You buy seeds over the internet and have them shipped anywhere. You can buy seeds in California. So yes, you can send seeds to Mexico. Marc Emery, who was previously mentiond, was busted for selling millions of seeds, to people in the US, not sending a few through the mail. Its totally legal to buy seed in or from Canada and the Netherlands.

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If you’re worried, send it express overnight. They tend to not search those packages because there simply isn’t enough time.

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dont do it. you will be sorry

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I don’t know the law but I would imagine that any postal activities between Mexico/Canada may be subject to drug sniffing dogs so it may get seized either way.

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