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Have you been affected by violence?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) July 5th, 2008

So I am basing this question upon an experience I continue to have. I have not been the victim of violence, but I am affected by it because I continue to see former or current students involved in violence (I’m talking arrested, put on trial, a part of the justice system type violence). It is discouraging at best to watch young people getting caught up in the violence that envelops so much of their environment. Have you had a similar experience, or have you been the victim of a violent action?

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Who hasn’t? We’ve all been in fights and scuffles. If not, we’ve been in at least a verbal arguement.

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It is very hard to avoid violence in our society. In that sense, almost all of us are victims. I worked with a young woman who disappeared and was never found. I have several women friends who have been raped.

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Some areas are more prone to it than others, all depends on location. In my city here in Jersey, there is an occasional occurrence once every so often but nothing really major.
Of course there will be those that love violence, you can’t stop those people.

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So maybe the question shouldn’t be, “Have you…,” but, “How have you been affected by violence?”

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I lived in Baltimore for 20 years, so in short: Yes.

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See my answer to this question Yes, I have been the victim of a violent crime and it changed my life forever.

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I was robbed at gun point (a man snuck up behind me while I was starting my car) put a gun up to my head and told me if I moved or made a sound he’d kill me. He then grabbed my handbag and one of my suitcases. It just so happened that the suitcase he took had $635,000.00 worth of merchandise!

To date, none has been recovered.

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@sccrowell & the beadholder How devastating. My heart goes out to you both. The ripples of violence go so far into our lives and the lives of those around us.

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It is hard not to get involved with violence in this day and age. In a case of me actually being a victim of a violent act my step father had been quite ruff in my childhood. To the point I was afraid of him, because I thought he might really injure me one day.

In another case I was not the victim of violence, but a friend of mine was. He had lost his life. And it is a damn shame he did. So many fall a victim to an extreme violent act, and it just makes me upset to hear about it all the time. Thats all that is ever on the news everyday. We are all exposed to violence if we watch even a bit of the news.

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@thebeadholder, I am soo very sorry for your loss. I sit with tears in my eyes and rolling down my face as I write this.

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Thank you sccrowell and Marina for your kind words.

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Raped – 1997
Held at gunpoint – 1999
Assaulted – 2000
Domestic violence – 2002

I don’t have the “oh, poor me” attitude, nor do I allow these things to define who I am. I must admit, however, that I’ve had quite the rap-sheet where violence is concerned. I don’t consider myself a victim…just someone who has had a few terrible things happen. Sometimes you ask yourself why, but the answer comes pretty quickly for me. It’s just life. Everyone has a story. As long as you don’t let it define who you are, you can learn from it, move on with a little more knowledge and become a better person for it. It’s always unfortunate, but a very real part of life and one that sometimes can’t be avoided.

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@spendy BTW, did you change your screen name?

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Yep…I did. Small town + username ending in actual last name = gossip. :) I don’t think there’s anyone on here from my area yet…but now I can spread the word without worrying about being “found out”.

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A man broke into my apartment and shot at my boyfriend, barely missing him in 1978.

I was beaten during an attempted rape when I was 18. (BTW) a good swift kick in the balls is a great deterent).

Domestic violence from 1977— 1978

Domestic violence once again (different guy ) 1984

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I have just gotten out of a so- called relationship that was VERY violent. It caused me broken bones and to be in a wheelchair for a while but thank god I am finally out of the hospital.

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