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How to ignore belligerent PVC's(heart palpitations) when trying to sleep?

Asked by mastermustard (15points) June 27th, 2014

Have you ever agreed to let someone periodically punch you in the chest while you were trying to sleep? No? Of course not, no one in their right mind would. Unfortunately I have been enduring similar circumstances non-stop for the past two years, and have been given no say in the matter.

It is very difficult to sleep when a large thump shakes my body every fifteen seconds. Even after two years, it is unnerving and I doubt I will ever get used to it. There must be a way to cope with it while I’m trying to sleep, however, as the sleepless nights are beginning to take a toll on my health and my social life.

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Isn’t this the thing they need to go in through a vein in your leg and freeze the part of your heart responsible for the problem?

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I have PVC. I have heart palpitations 24/7… Gotta live with it. I still check my pulse til this day. I have like 5–10 a minute… Had an echocardiogram, holster monitor, and EKG three times. That’s the only thing that eases my mind slightly

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I’m guessing you probably have already talked to a doctor about this since you are calling it PVCs. Did the doctor refer you to a cardiologist or recommend any treatment? Have the PVCs gotten worse or started occurring more frequently since the last time you spoke with a doctor? How is your blood pressure? There are medications that can be useful in treating PVCs depending on the severity you are experiencing. You should talk with your doctor and be sure they understand that this is effecting your sleep.

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This isn’t a ‘home remedy’ type of issue. You need to see a cardiologist and either have your heart treated or be prescribed some sleep aid.

I have a good friend that has had his heart ‘singed’ 3 times. They go through both leg veins and put electrodes on both sides of his heart, and burn it. The first 2 worked for a while and they’re hoping 3’s the charm, as twice was supposed to be the limit.

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@ibstubro Rightyo…That’s what I was talking about!

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I also am going to assume you have had this checked by a doctor,

Is your heart rate on the slow or fast side? Let’s say below 60 beats per minute? Or, over 75? For now, I recommend only laying down to sleep when you are really ready to fall asleep. When you will be tired enough to fall asleep quickly. My other recommendation is to get your thyroid checked. If your doctor checked it, look at the numbers yourself, make sure they are not near the edges of normal or outside of normal.

I have a heart arrythmia and when my thyroid is off I really feel the arrythmia when I am at rest. I feel like my whole body stops for that moment. Can’t breath in, can’t move, it’s like my whole body pauses. I go for months not feeling it when my thyroid is in “my” normal range, not to be confused with the larger lab normal range. If I am out of nornal I feel it every night, I even wake in the middle of night feeling I cannot get enough air and that I am going to wake up dead. My heart problem is considered completely benign, but I am much happier when I am not feeling it. I have no idea if that information applies to you, but I just thought I would throw it out there, you never know. Thyroid is often overlooked.

Also, check your iron levels, I would assume your doctor did check that.

See a cardiologist about it for sure if you haven’t. There are cardiologist that specialize in the electrical problems. Do not just rely on your GP. Also, don’t jump into any surgery if recommended, always get more than one opinion. Always remember, surgeons love to do surgery. They hope for the opportunity and they use any opportunity they can do it. Or, I should say most not all, but it seems like all.

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