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What was your favorite road trip?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) June 27th, 2014

I love traveling by car. I think it’s the best way to travel because you experience more than just the destination.

What would be your #1 road trip on list of favorite road trips?
Do you have a road trip on your bucket list?

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One of the craziest, and therefore fun, was from Santa Barbara to Reno for a fraternity weekend.

And I had a couple pretty good ones from San Francisco to Jackson Wyoming, one in the summer to go backpacking, one in the winter to go skiing.

My “bucket list” trip is to do Denver to Mt Rushmore, then West to Yellowstone and Glacier Nat’l Parks. Another is to fly to Las Vegas and then to the Utah Nat’l Parks.

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Virginia to Colorado and all the driving I’ve been doing recently around the state. I drove all the way around the Arapahoe and Rocky Mountain National Forests and up Mt. Evans, one of the highest paved roads.

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Both Colorado and Santa Barbara to Reno bring back good memories for me. Both are gorgeous areas of the U.S..

Are you enjoying Colorado @Blackberry?

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Branson Mo to L.A. Cal. and back in my rebuilt ‘73 Buick Electra 225 with the 455 motor and the new sound system. Did I mention it was a convertible (which I bought from the little old lady neighbor for $500 back in 1986.
The trip was in ‘87 I believe.
I took the Southern route out there and drove back the middle highways.
This was the trip when the 3 babes raped me!

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I did a 2 week road trip all over the southwest in 2006. Left CA. into Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Bryce and Zion Natl. Parks were spectacular and I have always loved Santa Fe, Taos and Angelfire N.M. Lots of fun and great exploring. I traded some California wines I had stashed with a remote little winery outside of Taos N.M.

Had a blast sharing vintages with the proprietors and I cam home with the most amazing Chocolate Cabernet called ” Black Beauty.”

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I love road trips and we’ve done a few. We usually drive when we visit other countries, and across our own, because of the freedom it gives you to meet people and see the scenery and to stop whenever we want. I’d like to do a road trip in the US at some point and I’d love to do a road trip or more throughout Europe.

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This was my favorite not favorite road trip.

I was living in Phoenix and had arranged to meet a friend in Chicago to see a musical. Yes, you read correctly. I was planning to drive approximately 1,800 miles for a date, and yes, she was a very good friend. The concert was on a Saturday night, the drive straight through, approximately 24 hours. Having wangled two days off from work, I left very early on a Thursday, intending not to sleep. Hell, I was young – well anyway, younger – and I liked the girl a lot.

I’ll make a loooong drive short. Stopping briefly only for gasoline, food and bathroom breaks, I managed to stay on schedule. But by the time I was nearing Illinois, I was wearier than I think I’d ever been in my life, and as I hit the Chicago city limits, I was quite literally spacing out.

To this day I can’t believe I made it to my hotel alive. With just enough time to freshen up and get to the venue, I lay down on the bed to rest my eyes. Eight hours later I woke up.

I heard the next day it was a very good concert.

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Yes, road trips can be fun.

We’ve driven San Diego to Las Vegas (and back), twice. Those were fun — and a little scary.

We drove from Boston to Montreal, twice and to Ontario, once. Those were good too.

Also, Boston to Pennsylvania was a good one (took my daughter to Sesame Place).

Ontario was probably my favorite. Just me and the wife alone. All the other trips involved other people.

Next, I’d like to do Boston to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Probably in Autumn.

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@Pachy: Oh no, you missed your date. What did she say?

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Driving to California. It seemed like it took a lifetime to get there but to watch the flat midwest states almost magically transform into painted mountains of New Mexico and the near death race through the desert and Needles California to FINALLY reach Santa Monica pier was mind bending to see the California lifestyle in such a blast when I opened up the car door was mesmerizing! Sea air never felt so good. I will never forget that moment.

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@cookieman, she was a bit annoyed but said she appreciated my effort.

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WE did a cross Canada road trip in 2001 from B.C to Newfoundland and back, took 6 weeks and put on just over 18,000 kilometres now that was a road trip.

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Lima to Nazca and back, in Peru. An unforgettable journey, in an incredible country.

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@Pachy I’m sorry, I had to laugh at the end of your story. But it was an “oh no!” kind of laugh. =)

@SQUEEKY2 A cross Canada trip is my dream trip. I’d also love to do the circle tour of Lake Superior.

I’m enjoying all of your responses. Now I want to hop in the car and travel. Thanks everyone!

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@jonsblond, don’t be sorry. That’s exactly how I feel about it.

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Ohio to Yellowstone via the Northern route. Then home the southern route.

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We flew into Luxembourg, bought a car, and drove all over Europe. That was my favorite road trip.

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I should mention my southwestern road trip was with a former flame that burned down to a pile of ashes without one feeble smouldering ember left by the end of that trip. lol
He came down sick with a flu in N.M. and amongst other things, like being a backseat driver, sloppy and throwing his endless snack wrappers all over my car and the revelation that he had the emotional maturity of a 4 yr. old when sick…well…bye bye baby!
The night we rolled into Santa Fe after about 8 days of travel I got my own hotel room, I almost dropped his babyness at the airport in Phoenix but he insisted on seeing me home safely since we had taken my car. Okay…that’s gentlemanly of you but I still wish to end our liaision as we have known it.

I have never been so happy to drop someone off in my life. Anchors aweigh! haha

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Friday night run from Hartford, Connecticut to Saco, Maine for a weekend in the summer of 1967. Three of us in my VW bug, We ended up lost on Route One in Southern Maine in a fog bank. When we got to where we were going there was no parking spaces for my car, so I backed up the sand dune next to the cottage on the beach. It was fifteen feet up the dune, they pushed all the sand from the parking lot into this dune.

Did I mention we stopped in Worcester, Massachusetts for a second case of beer?

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@jonsblond Fu*k yea! I’m never leaving. :)

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