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I just bought an iPhone 5 and I need help learning how to use it?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) June 27th, 2014

My 7 year old phone finally died and I purchased a new iPhone5.
My fingers are too big and It took me 15 minutes to access Fluther, and I couldn’t type in my password from the keyboard? Is their a way to make the keyboard bigger? Any tips would be welcome, Siri can only take me to the Fluther tap the collective log in page. I am using my laptop to write this. Any help would be welcome.

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<——Not an expert iPhone user.

Have you turned your iPhone horizontally?

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One of the reasons I chose Android over iPhone is simply because of that; the iPhone is too damn small for my hands which are big enough to hit both SHIFT keys on a regular keyboard. The screen on my Razr HD alone is bigger than an iPhone 5! My wife may be able to use an iPhone just fine since her entire hand is barely bigger than my palm, but they are really not suited for those of us with big hands.

While turning the phone sideways will—(for apps that allow it) make the keyboard wider, there really is no way to make it bigger. It will also effectively cut your tiny screen in half, as the only way to make the keys any reasonable height will cut the viewing area above the keyboard to a tiny sliver.

The only real option I can see if you are going to stick with an iPhone is to get a Bluetooth keyboard like this one.

Also, unless you have a Mac, you might have a little trouble interfacing your phone with your computer. The Windows version of iTunes is (and always has been) flaky.

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Did you not try it out in the store before you bought it? There are bigger phones out there for people with big hands. Although, I have a male friend that has quite meaty hands (he’s 400 lbs) and he loves his iPhone. I’m wondering how big we’re talking here.

@jerv I’ve had iTunes on Windows computers since the original iPod came out. Never had a problem. I guess I got lucky.

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@livelaughlove21 I’ve had it on 4 different Windows computers with 3 different versions of Windows (XP, and both the 32-bit and 64-bit Win7) and never had much success. Maybe I got unlucky.

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Update I returned the iPhone5s for a Galaxy mega. It seems to work better for my fat fingers.

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[Mod Says] Moved to Social at OP’s request, since he now has a different device than in the OP.

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