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It is OK for me to wash my pleated drapes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) June 29th, 2014

They’re long and pleated at the top in a big hem. There is something stiff in the hem and I wonder if it’s cardboard. If it is, I’m afraid it would fall apart in the washing machine.

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Is there a part of the hem you could pull back and re-sew to see what the material is? I have seen paperboard used, but also thin plastic, which should withstand the gentle cycle.

How about any tags with washing instructions? If you have the brand/style information, perhaps the manufacturer’s website will tell you.

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Don’t see any tags. I don’t sew but I’ll pop a stitch or two and see what I can see.

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Actually, it suddenly hit me that it wasn’t sewn at the bottom so I was able to turn it inside out and see what it. It’s some sort of stiff paper. I was able to rip it a teeny bit so I guess I’d best not wash them. They don’t really need it anyway. They’ve been in a plastic bag all of this time and they’re just musty. I’ll hang them out side for a while.


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I would dry clean them.

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I’m just going to iron them and hang them outside. I bought 6 panels at a garage sale a couple of years ago, and I don’t think they’ve ever even been used.

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@Dutchess_III That sounds like a good plan.

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I hate getting ready for company! Means I have to do all that stuff I’ve been putting off! But the house sure is nice afterward.

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Spray em with a little white vinegar. You can dilute it with water if you want, but I prefer straight vinegar. It will get rid of the mildew smell. It evaporates quickly and leaves no smell.

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Never thought of that! Thanks @flip86.

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@Dutchess_III Glad I could help. I always have a big jug of vinegar on hand. Pretty versatile stuff.

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My son is a horrible speller. At Easter last year he texted me asking if I had any “vnigger” at the house. I use it for cleaning, cooking, everything.

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Hang them outside first, then iron. The iron heat may trap the smell in the fibers. So hang, spritz with the vinegar and let their weight do most of the iron’s work.

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LOL. I’m sure you can figure out what I am laughing at.

On a separate note, I agree don’t risk washing them. Air them out or dry clean.

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