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Do you have any recipe for oven baked potatoes that taste good?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) July 3rd, 2014

I can’t eat fried potatoes but it is my favourite food. Do you know how I can bake potatoes in the oven and make them taste like fried potatoes? If not, do you have any low calorie, butter free recipe for oven baked potatoes?

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Fried foods are not inherently unhealthy or fattening; that is a result of which oil they are fried in. And, like tofu, much of the flavor of potatoes also comes from what they’re cooked with/in, unless you brown them the way chips or french fries are. Baked potatoes will never have the same browning action as fried. If you want something that tastes even remotely similar, find a healthier oil to fry with.

As for butter-free, there are some decent butter substitutes out there. I am rather fussy about my butter (a result of gfrowing up around so many dairy farms), but found Brummel & Brown to be quite tasty despite having half the calories.

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I often put a tablespoon or two of a mild salsa on a baked potato, which makes a nice lunch with a salad. Nothing will make baked into fried, however.

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Take a potato and either slice it into wedged pieces like a large fry, or slice into thin slices like a potato chip. Put it all in a bowl, and then drizzle a small amount of olive oil over it, and then toss the potato pieces to coat. Season with salt and BBQ seasoning. Bake in a 450 degree oven for 30 – 40 minutes, turning the pieces every 7 or 8 minutes.

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Cut the potato into french fry shapes. Use a hot oven (425–450 degrees). Coat the potatoes in olive oil and salt them. Turn once half way through.

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@zenvelo: Your suggestion is delicious but officially a roasted potato and not a baked one.The olive oil makes it not low-calorie, but who cares?

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@gailcalled What is the difference between “baked” and “roasted”? I cook baked potatoes at 350 for 20 minutes and then 450 for 20 minutes. Would you call that broasted?

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I have no problem with roasted potatoes. The only way to cook potatoes without making them tasty but only healthy, is to boil them. So every low calorie recipe for potatoes (not fried, boiled or in the microwave) is ok :)

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@zenvelo: The oil (and the shape. Roasted are cut into wedges or smaller pieces so that there is more surface to crisp up.) I have never baked potatoes at two separate temps. What happens to them? Is the potato meat itself still mealy and fluffy and the quiddity of baked? (Overthinking here. Raked?)

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@gailcalled They come up perfect on the inside, cooked through, and a nice crispy skin. I haven’t cooked a baked potato in years, I don;t eat potatoes anymore because of my health.

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I once took a big potato, baked it until it was done, sliced in in half length-wise, made cuts only down to the skin in a grid pattern so there were 6 potato squares on each half, sprayed some “calorie-free” butter spray on them with a couple teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese, and broiled it until it started to brown. I put a dollop of plain fat-free Greek yogurt on top (instead of sour cream) right before serving. My husband, who usually dislikes anything that could be deemed “healthy,” absolutely loved it.

I personally love a regular baked potato with butter, sour cream (or Greek yogurt), a bit of shredded cheese, and a few bacon bits. Yum!

The only fried potatoes I’ve ever enjoyed were those made by my grandmother, and I’m sure they’re packed with calories. Soooo worth it though, especially paired with some fried chicken legs and her made-from-scratch cornbread. Oh wow, I need to go eat some lunch…

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You could cut the potato like fries, or wedges or whatever and toss them in a healthy oil, then toss them with shake and bake crumbs before baking. They’ll have a little crunch that way.

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From an answer I gave on another question, have you heard of this, @dina_didi. It really tempts me. The heck of it is, I saw a brand new one at a resale shop for $10 about a month ago, and no-one knew what it was!

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@ibstubro that looks great! I heard about it in the past but I was not counting calories then. If it has the same taste using only one tablespoon of olive oil that would be amazing!

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I agree, @dina_didi. And nearly affordable – the T-Fal version is over $300.

Do a search for low fat fryers…there is a wide range of options.

I went to the resale shop and made sure the one I saw was gone yesterday, and sure enough, it is.

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