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Can you think of any flavors that change as the amount of flavoring increases?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) December 2nd, 2021 from iPhone

For instance, cayenne. It’s essentially heat spice, with just a tiny little bit of flavor. But if you taste enough of it you can taste some of the pepper’s flavor coming through distinctly.

Compare that to typical yellow mustard. I would say the flavor does not change much with larger amounts.

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I think there is one that’s completely different when there’s more of it.

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Maybe not a change, exactly, but there is an effect: a little molasses sweetens, but a lot has kind of a bitter taste.

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A little bit of almond tastes like cherries when I make chocolate truffles.

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I don’t know if you consider it a flavoring but coffee sure changes if you make it stronger.

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I don’t think the taste/flavor of the spice changes if you use more of it.

I think it’s the human reaction (that is, the sensation on your tongue) that changes as tou have more of a particular spice.

For example: the first salty potato chip you have tastes really salty and you know that’s what you’re eating. But if you have a 4th or a 5th or a 10th potato chip from the same bag, it tastes decreasingly salty because your tongue has gotten used to it.

It isn’t the salt that changed, it’s your reaction to it.

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@elbanditoroso I can’t think of a really clear example just yet. But, I’ll find one.

Of course, I’m not discussing whether a change occurs to the flavoring itself. The subjective taste changes.

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@janbb I know what you mean. I think the larger concentration brings out the full complexity for our tastebuds. With coffee I think the flavor itself stays pretty steady, and just adds some bitterness. Same with Chocolate.

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I hear that if you use too much MSG, it starts to taste like metal.

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