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Brits (and others familiar with him), is there a consensus on whether or not Jeremy Clarkson is racist?

Asked by FlyingWolf (2815points) July 4th, 2014

I really enjoy the British Top Gear and have never noticed anything offensive coming from the hosts. I understand though that Jeremy Clarkson has been accused on racism because of some remarks he made while filming in Asia and that he is on final warning and could be fired at any moment if something he says is deemed offensive. We aren’t getting much coverage of the incident here and I am wondering what Brits are saying about it.

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Nah, he is an equal opportunity offender.
I love him.

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@ragingloli those are my thoughts exactly, I just wanted to make sure I am not missing something!

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He’s not racist, only the easily offended fuckers of this world want him to be & thus believe it so.
The BBC will never sack Jezza, their one remaining genuine cash cow, no one has the balls anyway, as he himself says.

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I don’t think he’s racist. I think he’s foolish and incapable of editing what comes out of his mouth at times, but not racist. I also like Top Gear and Clarkson and I agree there’s little chance of the BBC getting rid of their cash cow.

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Just to acknowledge Hammond & May, the show wouldn’t work without them, they all bounce off each other perfectly.
Clarkson is a bit of a dick & fairly boring when he goes solo, some of his early Top Gear pieces are fucking awful.

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Anyone who can cause a riot in Iran when an episode of their program is cancelled for a new conference can’t be that bad.

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I like James May’s take on this situation. He said on Twitter “Jeremy Clarkson is a monumental Bell End but he is not a racist”.

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