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Top Gear is almost certainly the BBC's most successful export, why do you think it is so much more popular than other motoring shows, what makes it stand out from the crowd?

Asked by RareDenver (13173points) July 14th, 2009
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It’s become more of an entertainment show now, rather than a motoring one. Crazy stunts, journeys,tasks and record attempts or whatever, those are the things that make it successful. On saying that it does still provide alot of information on new cars…by that i mean, it makes fun of almost every new commercial car and big’s up cars that are only affordable to the multi-millionares. I still love it…Top Gear is great great fun.

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I would put my money on Doctor Who. Doctor Who’s fans are long lasting folks who’ve endured over 40 years of Who-ness. Though I believe both are in the top five superbrands that BBC Worldwide carefully nourishes. Just sayin’

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Jeremy Clarkson is one of the wittiest people alive. I don’t even like motoring shows but I watch this one whenever I can (and have two of his books). I think it’s more or less the same reason for everyone else, it’s fun TV even if you hate cars.

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@Jack79 Agreed. Jeremy Clarkson is a great TV personality.

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Jeremy Clarkson and The Stig. Especially the mystery surrounding The Stig, even though we do know who a few of them are. Clarkson just manages to show of his boyish enthusiasm for cars, and it’s infectious.

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It’s definately more about the presenters than the cars. I have no interest in cars or any other motoring programme and yet I LOVE Top Gear. It’s basically a bunch of boys doing what (stereotypically) most boys would kill to do and they are having a bloody good time doing it!

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It’s a show that both car nuts and people who know nothing about cars can watch and enjoy.

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Its all of the reasons above and one more: stunning, even beautiful production values.

The camera work, editing, effects and music combine to make something you cant take your eyes off of.

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And don’t forget the most delecable hamster that is Richard Hammond ;)
Fabulous show the combination of all 3 presenters Richard, Jeremy and James just works, don’t try and analyze genius!!

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The humor, and production value clearly set Top Gear apart from any other car show. Period. It’s orchestrated in such a humorous non-technical way that anyone can sit down and not only watch, but appreciate and understand everything that’s being said. Bar none, always has been, and always will be the best car show on television, hands down!

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