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Did I fry my cellphone?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) July 4th, 2014 from iPhone

I have a blu android. I mistakingly left it with an app on that prevented it from sleeping while I was asleep. It was plugged in so it didn’t drain the battery.

It was hot to the touch when I awoke and tried to restart when I tried closing the app. It didn’t. Just stopped at the startup screen. I removed the battery set it aside. Let it cool then an hour or so later tried to power up my phone. I get no further then the startup screen.

Is there a way to trouble this?

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Nevermind I suppose I will assume it was the battery. I ordered a new one.

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Try taking your battery out, put it back, start from fresh. Worked for me when I ran my wheelchair over my phone, though not the same kind.

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If the old one wakes up, it’s still nice to have a second battery.

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It is, though I took my phone to a somewhat techy friend he tried a factory reset as well as fast reboot. He thinks it might be fried. Ah I liked the phone well enough if this doesn’t work I will get a similar model.

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I would guess it is fried, especially since it was set doen, and probably couldn’t breathe.

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yeah it was in a case too. from some reading it seems this model is prone to overheating as well. Thanks for the advice

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