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Would you say that my size is intimidating to people?

Asked by Derrick545 (73points) July 5th, 2014

I just reweighed and remeasured myself and I am now 6’1” ½, 265 lbs. I feel like my size maybe slightly intimidating to some. I don’t really look fat either just very bulky and I don’t even work out at all.

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If your a full grown adult no.
If your a 11 year old sixth grader , fer sure.

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It depends on your demeanor. If you lurk in dark alleys, wear ski masks and sneak up on people, perhaps. If you present with a smile or a cheerful nod and act like a nice person, then no. Have enough people reacted as though you intimidated them to warrant this question?

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Of course your size is intimidating to smaller people. 265, sheesh, you could squash many people by accident, just turning around.
Add to your impressive girth your freshly shaved head, pale white skin and dark goatee looking chin hair, you better smile a lot or you will be watching dust rise a lot from where people used to stand.

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6’1” is taller than most and weighing 265 is more than most, how you dress and behave will add or subtract to the threat quotient you convey. With the lack of pertinent details just being tall and over wieght is not normally intimidating.

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I would be intimidated if you were taller. 6’ 4” or more. Of course, I’m 5’ 1”.

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Dude, I’m 6’0”, 260lbs. And I’m a flippin’ teddy bear most of the time. It’s all in how you carry yourself, your dress, and how you speak to people. I don’t ever intend to intimidate.

That being said, I have scared the shit out of a few people for being disrespectful to my wife — but that’s obviously done on purpose.

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