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What should I highlight in this application question?

Asked by goldenchickadee (13points) July 6th, 2014

Hello, I am currently applying for a fellowship program with Mental Health America in Los Angeles. I am nearly done with the application, but I am having trouble answering this essay question:

“How do you envision using the skills and knowledge that you will learn in your future?”

I would just like some pointers about what I should highlight. Should I write about past work and volunteer experiences, or should I have specific career goals here?

For those who want more info about the program: it consists of two weeks of intensive courses, followed by a ten-week internship with an affiliated internship. It’s “designed to prepare participants for entry level positions in the public mental health field.”

Thank you all in advance for your responses!

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It sounds to me like they want career goals, since they talk about your future. First, mention the near future, such as other schooling, internships, jobs or volunteer positions you are engaged in or have lined up. Then project it to your long-term career goals. Finally, wrap up by mentioning how mental health skills are beneficial to have when dealing with everyday stressors, such as interpersonal relationships, or rude – or even hostile – strangers in public.

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^^ What she said. In the last paragraphs be sure to enmesh your goals and skills with the typical public health mission statement in general and theirs specifically.

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They want to know what you intend to do with what you learn there. Are you planning on being a therapist? A social worker? A High School teacher? Or a Prison Warden?

What they are really trying to get out of you is why you want their program. They are trying to find people who are interested in being in mental health as a profession and not something to fill up 12 weeks.

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This is an opportunity to explain why you are interested in this field, what your eventual goals are and how this internship will help you get there. Explain how this internship is a crucial step in your personal development as well as a skill-building experience. I think this is a chance to show your passion for this career direction.

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The question is confusing. Is the word “future” simply redundant? Is the question about how you will use your skills at a future date, or how will the skills you acquire determine your personal future?

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They’re talking about your future. How you will use the skills/knowledge you gain from this opportunity in the future. Where will this work lead you? How will you build on the experience? I agree with @lynfromnm, it’s a good opportunity to show why you want this job and what you will do with the opportunity? I’d try to show how them employing you will not only enhance your career but may perhaps benefit the field and people who enter the mental health area as a client. You’ll use the experience to enhance your understanding off… You will use the skills to further your career in this direction…

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Thanks, everyone! I completed the app and submitted it a couple days ago! :)

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How did you respond to the question, @goldenchickadee?

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