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How do I get over embarrassment after sending letter to police?

Asked by Yeetthefrog (36points) October 27th, 2020

I sent a thank you letter to the police officers who saved my life that was too long, not formal, kinda sentimental, and pretty quirky. They know I have a mental illness, but I’m so embarrassed I didn’t make it more proper!

I’m devastated I blew my chance to thank these guys in the most respectful way possible. How can I get over this?

Do I need to apologize for being informal?

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No. I am sure they appreciate your heartfelt sentiments.

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No, you spoke from the heart. That means more than being formal.

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Better to just give yourself time to get over it. Sending another letter, for example, would only further your embarrassment.

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Don’t feel bad. I once texted the police that it was time to come in for supper.

Luckily they didn’t.

Right after that, I moved the non-emergency number out of alphabetical proximity to my son’s name.

Anyway, they probably loved getting your letter, no matter how you worded it, if the sentiments were sincere. They probably don’t receive many of those. One time I wrote a thank-you note to the manager of the company cafeteria in my building, complimenting his work, and I found out later that he taped it up in the kitchen and kept it for years.

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I think that you have nothing to worry about.
Being a LEO, is typically a thankless job.
Any positive feedback, is not just appreciated, it’s motivation to keep doing what they are supposed to do. Protect and serve…..

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I’m sure the letter is in the personnel file of the officers, which is a great thing for them. When they come up for promotion, it will help them. That’s great.

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