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How many lurves does a new jelly have to be considered "new"?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (17958points) July 6th, 2014

“New” here means “new enough for other jellies to receive the Starfish awards when they get GAs for their answers in the new jelly’s question”.

How many lurve does a new jelly have to be considered that new?

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To me, less than 5,000 is “new.”

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I don’t know the parameters for the algorithm that delivers the awards, but I’ve been experimenting and it doesn’t seem to be based on lurve scores, but on the date the user joined. For example, a user who joined on Feb 16, 2014 and with a lurve score of 10 didn’t qualify as “new” for this award, but another user who joined on July 3, 2014 and has 29 lurve did qualify as “new”. Another join date of June 19, 2014 was already too “old” for the award.

So it appears to be time, not lurve that counts, and the time seems to be very short indeed. They really are new.

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Some people have been here for years and are still under 5000. So new is new is relative.

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My impression was that the OP wanted our personal opinions of what constitutes “new,” so that’s how I answered.

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[Tech Support Says] In the context of the Starfish award, “new” means that the asker’s account is fewer than 2 days old when you answer the question.

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Hah. It seems that my question has caused some confusion, since I don’t know how to state all the point in the title.

The joined day, huh? Never knew that award works like that.

And personal opinion of what considered “new”, huh? Sound like a good question. Maybe I will ask later.

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