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Is it wise to submit resumes to companies on Craigslist without them listing their actual company name?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) July 12th, 2014

For instance here is an example

I could settle for this I really need some money. I don’t want to submit my information without knowing what company it actually is… Why don’t they list their name?

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Could you send a message asking the company name? I would thin that if they are legit they wouldn’t mind giving you the information. If they resist, I would tend to think it is sketchy and wouldn’t send the info.

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“Why don’t they list their name?” I think that is an astute question.
Might be so you don’t call so-and-so who works there that you knew from yoga class and get an inside track on how to present your cover letter.

I’d expect them at least to include identification in further correspondence.

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Some companies don’t want people to know their rate of employee turnover. Putting their name out there like in an ad would do that.

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